Rhea Ripley

When Rhea dominated last year’s War Games and the Survivor Series, as winning the NXT Championship, I thought she was the next big thing.

I will never understand why she had to put Charlotte Flair over, only for Flair to lose the title to Lo Shirai in that In Your House 3 way, and take time off. I expected Ripley to win that match or regain the title from Shirai or jump to the main roster. Yet, she’s languishing in NXT and her team just lost War Games. Triple H blamed COVID for all of this, but what is the whole point of how they booked her? It seems I can’t recall someone with so much momentum buried like that since Triple H failed to put over Booker T. Am I missing something, am I too high on Ripley’s talent?

Charlotte had to go over at Wrestlemania due to COVID?  That sounds like when bookers used to blame downturns during the summer on the weather being too hot.  

I don’t get what they’re doing with Rhea either.  If they want her on the main roster, send her there already.  Smackdown could use her.  If they want her in NXT then make her the champion already.  As it is they’ve killed whatever she had and I don’t think they can get it back again.