PRIME TIME Thursday Night Thread: December 10, 2020

“Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to another Prime Time Thursday.  With the national scene laying low for the most part, it’s been a rough year outside the bright lights, and…”

“Monsoon, please; am I supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of ham-n-eggers who can’t make a buck?”

“That’s not fair, Brain; every sport has its minor leagues, and every minor leagues has the same dream to make the big time.  If that dream gets put on hold for whatever reason, isn’t that unfortunate?”

“Not for me; I still get paid.”

“You’re heartless.  Earlier this week, we saw AEW World Champion Kenny Omega on two shows — his own Dynamite, and Impact Wrestling.  And it looks like Don Callis has been the straw to stir his drink all along.”

“The guy took 27 years to make his man world champion?  Amateur!  I made Andre the Giant a world champ within 12 months!”

“And how much money did it cost you to do it?”

“I’ll have you know I made a profit selling Andre’s contract to DiBiase before buying it back.  That’s why I’m the Brain.”

“I guess you’re allowed to win that one.”

“About time you acknowledged my greatness.”

“Don’t get used to it.  Folks, we here at Prime Time want to pass on our condolences and well-wishes to Inner Circle member Santana, who lost his stepfather earlier this month.  It has been a rough year for the man, and we wish him and his family the best in this difficult time.”

“You know, I call my group of guys a family, but real family, when it’s about raising someone — that connection won’t go away.  But if I know Santana and Ortiz, they’re going to dedicate themselves and push hard to honor him in 2021.”

“That would be good.  Folks, it’s time for our feature bout here on Prime Time, as we go to Chicago to watch an NXT vs AEW classic.  Joaquin Wilde of the Legenda faces off against Darius Martin of Top Flight!”

“…those aren’t the names I have, Monsoon.”

“Creative license, Brain; you should know all about it.”

“Oh, like anyone in this place knows how to be creative.”

(Bring the insanity.)