Kenny and Don’s Master Plan

Hi Scott,

I've always been a big Kenny Omega fan, but I'm not getting the story they're telling here. Can you explain to me what exactly Kenny Omega and Don Callis' master plan was? One of the best wrestlers in the world winning a tournament to become the #1 contender, then beating the champ relatively cleanly screwed over who and how exactly? And how did that require years of planning?

I know it's still early and let's play it out and see where it goes, but I'm worried that the entire foundation of this angle already feels so forced.  Curious on your thoughts.

The plan was Callis faking the injury and then throwing Kenny the microphone after getting Moxley to agree to the Gentleman's Code or whatever it was.  Also, Kenny Omega is an egotistical dick, so of course he would immediately declare whatever he did to be the greatest and most elaborate plan since Montreal.