Hogan = lifetime heel?

Best regards, Scott.

As I grew up as a wrestling fan, it was always assumed that Hulk Hogan was the ultimate over babyface for the 80s and early 90s. But as pretty much everyone here has agreed that he always wrestled as a heel. His tactics were always the same, and included heel wrestling. He rarely sold, and when he did it was…not great, and ended up meaning nothing when he hulked up and won.

Contrast Ricky Steamboat, who Flair has said was the greatest wrestler he ever knew with the exception being that “he could never work heel.” So I ask you…did Hogan never really work babyface, he was just a heel over with fans during the Hulkamania years? Or has my later in life loathing of him clouded my assessment.
Come on man, I'm the world's biggest Hogan hater, but it's insane to say that his selling wasn't awesome.  Yeah by the 90s he was a ridiculous shell of his former self, but 80s Hogan would go out there and take an ass-kicking from those heels.