The best of the best

With last Survivor Series being nicknamed The best of the best and the WarGames now behind us, I wondered what you thought was the very best of the best Survivor Series team ever.

With apologies to my favorite ever, the Visionaries, it has to be more than a team that swept their opponents in a midcard Survivor Series match. I’m talking about the most powerful team, the one that is strong, nearly unbeatable, with no apparent weakness, from top to bottom.

Maybe that Team DX that trounced Team Rated RKO in 2006? Or the original Heenan Family team in 1987? Or some early Hulkamaniacs team?

Does you or the readers have a call on this?

I’d go with The Honky Tonk Man Revenge Squad team from 1987.  Savage, Steamboat, Roberts, Beefcake and I can’t remember the fifth guy but they still routed Team Honky.  

Also Warrior, Tornado and the LOD in 1990 was pretty damn strong.