The Jey Uso Revelation

Hi Scott, like you and everyone else, I'm loving the Reigns heel run. Reigns and Heyman are great co-enablers of each other…Reigns demands constant ego stroking, and Paul is the best at that, while Heyman needs a meal ticket to latch onto, and Roman provides the most food “on the table”.

And as great as Roman has been, it works because his calm, evil, and abuser dad gimmick works perfectly with Jey's overeagerness and misplaced hypeness. Jey is a perfect foil for Roman and he's really the glue to all of this. If you were booking this, what would be Jey's endgame?

He doesn’t really need an endgame because his role is getting Reigns over.  He got a pair of main events and did good and now he can use that to make other guys.