The Dexter Lumis Experiment already is bearing fruit

I have think you need to give Dexter Lumis props in that he's already proven his worth in gold to the WWE and NXT in particular. 

He's arguably the best character on the roster, and unlike the Undisputed Era (who we are supposed to think of as the good guys, even though McAfee and his UE Revenge Squad have perfectly legit reasons for wanting to eradicate them given their past villainy) is easy to root for.

And more to the point, he's given both Roderick Strong and Cameron Grimes a decent and MUCH NEEDED dose of character development, especially Grimes. Grimes had nothing really except a generic redneck, but his feud with Grimes has evolved him into a cowardly heel shit talker which NXT desperately needs in terms of fleshed out characters to compete against AEW. And hopefully, unlike with Roderick, Grimes's character growth hopefully sticks.

Jesse Baker

Yeah, no.  He's terrible.