NJPW: WORLD TAG LEAGUE – Night 9 (12.6.20)

DECEMBER 6, 2020


 – Tonight we determine who will face off on the 11th in Buddokan for the World Tag League Finale.  6 teams are tied at the top spot for that chance,  They are:  Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano…Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr…YOSHI-HASHI & HIrooki Goto…David Finlay & Juice Robinson…Guerillas of Destiny…Shingo Takagi & SANADA.  There is no way to explain all the different scenarios as to who can win or how a tie will occur.  So let’s head down to the ring (WITH ENGLISH COMMENTARY!).

– Your hosts are Kevin Kelly, Gino Gambino, and Chris Charlton.


Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (4 points) vs. Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (6 points)

 – Both teams are eliminated from the tournament.  I still predict Dick Togo being a problem here.  Yujiro grabs the mic as the bell rings.  He tells Owens that Pieter is coming back.  He motions for her as Owens has his back turned.  Roll up by Yujiro gets 2.5!  That sneaky pimp.  Yujiro apologizes and kicks him low.  Owens gets whipped into the exposed corner.  Soon, as 4 men in one way or another, hit the same corner.  Now Yujiro has the pimp stick, throws it to Owens and falls as if he was hit.  The ref acts as if he is going to disqualify him.  Now Togo is on the apron.  What the fuck is going on?  Owens rolls up Yujiro with his feet on the ropes for the win @ 3:34.  (It was a throw away match and they treated it as such.  DUD.)



Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (2 points) vs. Guerillas of Destiny (10 points)

 – GOD attack Toa and Tana in the aisle as they make their entrance.  Tama locks Tana in a Scorpion Deathlock until Toa comes in and beats him down.  Loa and Toa now trade blows in he center of the ring.  Toa drops Loa with a Samoan Drop.  Toa and Tana now double team Tama.  Tana locks a Cloverleaf on Tama.  Somehow Loa has a kendo stick, strikes Tana in the knee with it, and the referee sees non of this.  Cloverleaf by Tama on Tana and the Ace taps out @ 3:57.  (Well they are just steam rolling through these matches with a heavy card.  Really a let down considering how great Toa and Tana have been in this tournament.  DUD.)



Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (8 points) vs. Shingo Takagi & SANADA (10 points)

 – As LIJ decide who will start, Khan and Cobb attack them before the bell.  Match starts off with Cobb and Shingo.  Shingo tries forearming Cobb, but it does nothing.  Cobb with a HUGE overhead belly to belly suplex.  Khan comes in a Judo throws Shingo.  He locks in the head and arm submission as Shingo battles to the ropes.  Khan sits atop the neck of Shingo on the top rope as he dares SANADA to come in.  He lets him go but then tries to get Shingo to kiss his boots.  Shingo is up with some hard chops but Khan answers with Mongolian Chops.  They battle over a suplex with Shingo finally winning.  SANADA comes in but is cut off by Cobb.  SANADA dumps him and ties Khan up in the Paradise Lock.  And now one for Cobb’s troubles, right in front of Milano.  SANADA dropkicks Khan loose to a cover for 2.  SANADA with the flip into the Dragon Sleeper on Khan.  Cobb runs interference but is cut off by Shingo.  LIJ double team Khan for 2.5.  SANADA charges right into another Judo throw as Cobb comes back in.  SANADA snas off a huricarana on Cobb and tags in Shingo.  Big time lariat drops Cobb.  But Shingo goes for the sliding lariat and is stopped short.  Cobb gutwrenches Shingo into Khan.  Khan reciprocates and Cobb with a powerbomb for 2.5.  SANADA springboards in to dropkick to Cobb.  Eliminator Claw from Khan to SANADA.  BIG ASS PUMPING BOMBER to Khan!  Shingo gets German suplexed and into a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS for the win @ 11:47.  (THIS!  This was a great match.  These guys went full tilt and didn’t stop the entire 12 minutes.  This also makes a case for a future title shot for Cobb. B-.)



Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (10 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (10 points)

 – According to Charlton, the winner of this match will be in the finals on Friday.  Yano is tired of waiting for the Tekkers to disrobe and starts untying a corner pad.  Taichi attacks him but gets blasted by the pad.  Yano goes for ZSJ but misses and hits Ishii.  ZSJ with a quick roll up for 2.  Yano charges and hits the exposed corner.  ZSJ tries the bridging cradle but Ishii grabs ZSJ for a suplex.  Several more roll ups by both teams as they spill to the outside.  Yano tries wrapping ZSJ in the apron, but it gets turned around on him.  Yano is trapped inside the apron like a burrito and Ishii has to roll him in.  Yano is back in at 18 but still can’t get the apron off.  Yano sllowly gets up with the assistance of ZSJ by the ears.  Hair takedown by Yano and both men tag out.  Taichi kicks the thigh of Ishii as Ishii returns with chops.  Yano comes back in but Taichi hits a front enziguiri.  Front kick to the face of Ishii gets 2.  Taichi attempts the Axe Bomber, blocked but kicks Ishii right in the fucking face!  ZSJ and Yano roll in, but Yano fights them both off.  Belly to belly on Taichi gets 2.5.  Taichi attempts the Axe Bomber again but this time gets headbutted down.  Superkick into the Michinoku Driver on Ishii!  Mephisto on Ishii gives the Tekkers the win @ 10:38.  (Just a hard hitting match from bell to bell.  Action was wild and all over the place.  Did some Yano spots, but let the Tekkers really shine as they advance to the finals.  C+.)



YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (10 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (10 points)

 – Finlay and Goto to begin things.  Goto with a series of shoulderblocks that drop Finlay.  Goto takes out Juice.  In comes YOSHI and we have clubberin’!  Juice back up and tags in.  He slams Finlay on top of YOSHI.  Quick in and out tags by Fin Juice as they work the arm of YOSHI.  Back suplex by Finlay and a senton by Juice gets 2.  Double faceplant by Fin Juice and cover by Finlay gets 2.  YOSHI fights free and Goto comes in.  Juice and Goto fight back and forth with neither man falling.  Finally a double clothesline brings both men down.  Dual tags bring in YOSHI and Finlay.  Diving back elbow by Finlay drops YOSHI.  YOSHI back up with chops and a falling neckbreaker gets 2.  A series of reversals ends with a jumping DDT by Finlay.  Juice comes in but YOSHI fights them off.  He tags Goto back in as they double team Juice.  Finlay comes in but gets caught in the Two Man GTR.  They lift Juice for the Superkick into a Ushiguroshi.  Now a sitout into a GTR on Juice gets 2.5 before Finlay breaks it up.  Finlay spears Goto.  Now a Urinage on the knee for YOSHI’s troubles.  Brainbuster on Goto and now he lifts him to the top rope.  Power and Glory superplex plash gets 2.99999999999!  Juice lifts for the Doomsday Device but Goto shoves him into Finlay, who falls to the floor.  Juice lifts for Pulp Friction but gets superkicked.  YOSHI gets taken out by a returning Finlay.  Stunner by Finlay!  Pulp Friction by Juice!  Cover gets 3 as Fin Juice win it @ 15:51.  (An incredible finishing sequence there.  Match took a bit to get going but the last 5 minutes were great.  Fin Juice really turned things up the last 3 or 4 nights.  Goto and YOSHI looked great thi entre tournament.  B-.)

– GOD attack Fin Juice post match and proclaim themselves the winners of the tournament.

Final thoughts?

– Looks like GOD vs. Fin Juice will be our finale for Friday.  With a 10 match card, a lot of stuff was rushed.  There were some bright spots like the main event and LIJ vs Cobb and Khan.  I will back here for the WTL Final as a single match on Friday.  See you then.