NJPW: World Tag League – Night 8 (12.4.20)

DECEMBER 4, 2020



– After a short break, we are down to the final two nights of action before we crown this year’s champions.  Not many people would have predicted that Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano have sole possession of 1st place at the moment with 10 points.  Then it gets interesting.  Six (!) different teams are tied at 8 points for 2nd place.  We are here a day late, and a dollar short, from Oita to determine the card for Sunday’s matches in Fukuoka.  Let’s head to the ring.


Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (4 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (8 points)

 – Bullet Club immediately attacks as soon as the Tekkers enter the ring.  Within a minute, Tekkers take over on the outside.  Back inside the ring, Fale starts slugging ZSJ down to the mat.  Fale whips ZSJ to the corner, but ZSJ walks up the pad and returns with a front facelock submission.  Fale is able to stay vertical and drives ZSJ back.  By the time he recovers, ZSJ makes the tag to Taichi.  Both Tekkers are inside working over Fale now.  Fale swats them away to tag Owens.  BC now take over with a double team on Taichi.  ZSJ runs in to distract Fale and runs to the outside.  Axe Bomber by Taichi to Owens gets 2.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Taichi misses a charging kick and Owens hits a falling neckbreaker.  Fale in as Owens hold him, but ZSJ wraps himself around Fale  Sunset flip by Owens gets 2.9999999!  Taichi clotheslines Fale over the top to the floor.  Owens with a jumping knee to the face of Taichi.  Package Piledriver attempted, but ZSJ runs interference.  Superkick by Taichi into a Michinoku Driver by ZSJ for the win @ 7:32.  (Quick, easy to watch opener.  Not a very impressive match, but not a lot was expected.  Fale was moving extra slow and it showed with the Tekkers constantly having to get him out of the way.  D+.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (6 points) vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (8 points)

 – Interesting match up here as EVIL and Yujiro can play spoiler if they knock off YOSHI and Goto.  Dick Togo out with BC and Too Sweeeeeets for everyone before the bell.  Right away, Yujiro and EVIL double team YOSHI and take out Goto  YOSHI fights both men off.  YOSHI lands some HARD chops on EVIL against the ropes  Togo attempts the trip, but YOSHI moves and catches EVIL off the charge.  Goto comes in and we got clubberin’ here on the mothership.  Togo catches the ire of Goto and they surround him on the outside.  CLUBBERIN’ ON DICK TOGO!!!!!!  Back inside, and EVIL drops YOSHI and Goto with whips to the exposed corner.  Goto gets worn down inside by Yujiro.  Another whip to the corner for Goto’s troubles.  Why doesn’t the referee put these pads back on?  We get the triple man abdominal stretch right in front of the referee.  Goto fires back and gets EVIL to charge the exosed corner.  Back suplex lays out EVIL and we get YOSHI in on a hot tag.  YOSHI lays EVIL on the top rope and hits a series of dropkicks.  Cover gets 2.  YOSHI goes to lift for a powerbomb but EVIL dead-weights him.  EVIL locks in a Sharpshooter but YOSHI rolls through.  YOSHI tries to lock in the armbar submission but EVIL fights it off.  He throws YOSHI’s leg into the referee and kicks him low.  Yujiro back in but so is Goto.  Bulldog on Yujiro gets 2.  Trademark basement dropkick by Yujiro to the face followed by a big boot to the face.  Neckbreaker to the GTR drops Yujiro.  YOSHI goes to lift for a double team but Yujiro kicks him away.  Yujiro has the Pimp Stick and clocks Goto in the throat!  Cover gets 2.5.  YOSHI breaks it up but the referee gets tied up with EVIL and here comes fucking Togo with the choke wire.  Yujiro grabs Goto and nails the Angle Slam for 2..5.  Goto and Yujiro trade reversals until YOSHI superkicks Yujiro.  GTR into a sitout gives Goto and YOSHI the win @ 13:02.  (A great back and forth match.  Of course the Togo bullshit takes a bit of the luster away.  The finish was good and had me second-guessing who would win.  C+.)



Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (10 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (8 points)

 – Another do-or-die match here.  Fin Juice must win here or their chances of repeating dwindle severely.  Juice and Yano to begin and hopefully they can make a little magic like their G1 match.  Juice slams Yano down and then slams Finlay on top for 2.  Quick tags in and out for Fin Juice as they work the arm of Yano.  Ishii comes in and eats a double faceplant.  Yano, in the meantime, has removed a corner pad and nails Finlay with it.  Ishii in now, adn trades chops with Finlay.  Ishii eventually wins the encounter and tags Yano back in.  Yano comes in for enough time to throw Finlay into the exposed corner.  Ishii back in to continue chopping Finlay.  Finlay fights back and drops Ishii with the back suplex.  He makes he diving tag to Juice who takes Ishii out with a full nelson slam.  Ishii gets a taste of the exposed corner followed by a cannonball by Juice.  Cover gets 2 before Ishii grabs the rope.  Here comes the Juice Pepper Shots but Ishii cuts him off.  Juice throws Ishii to the corner and boots him in the face.  Ishii feels no pain!  Big delayed suplex on Juice!  Yano is back in as well as Finlay.  Inverted atomic drop by Yano but misses a charge into the exposed corner.  Juice comes in to make the save taking out Ishii.  Demolition Decapitation for Yano gets 2.99999.  Russian Leg Sweep into a Mafia Kick on Yano gets 2.9999 before Ishii interrupts.  Yano tires to fight off both men but eats Left Hand of God into a Stunner.  Pulp Friction is broken up by Ishii.  BIG TIME German suplex on Juice by Ishii.  Finlay misses charge and Yano rolls him up for 2.  Yano goes for a trick knee but Finlay side steps it, rolls through with a cradle for the win @ 11:19!  (WOW what an ending sequence!  A lot happened with the last 3 or 4 minutes and it all looked crisp.  Even Yano was right where he needed to be on every spot.  Fin Juice stays alive with that huge win.  B-.)



Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (8 points) vs. Guerillas of Destiny (8 points)

 – Not sure if a loss by either team will totally eliminate them from the tournament, but it may make it damn near impossible.  Loa and Cobb to begin things.  Lots of leapfrogs and shoudlerblocks lead to some brawling between the two.  Tama comes in and gets stomped into the corner by Cobb.  Khan comes in and locks in head and arm submission.  Tama finally makes it to the ropes.  Cobb comes back in and cradles Tama like a baby with a series of backbreakers before tossing him to the side.  Khan comes back in and goes to sit atop Tama in the corner, but Loa comes in and forearms him off the top to the floor.  Cobb takes him out for just a moment before all 4 men end up brawling on the floor.  After about 2 good minutes of this on the floor, the referee begins to count.  Cobb crawls back in and Tama pulls him back out to the floor.  Ok this is getting a tad ridiculous.  4 minutes outside now before Loa and Khan bring it back inside.  Judo throw by Khan drops Loa.  Loa literally backs into his corner but doesn’t tag.  Cobb gets tagged in though?  Cobb lifts for a delayed suplex but Loa is able to wiggle out.  He charges but eats a big boot.  They trade a series of reversals before a double cross body takes both men down.  Tags for both sides brings back in Khan and Tama.  Khan goes with Mongolian Chops.  He then applies a claw but is distracted by Old Man Jado.  CLAW ON THE OLD TIMER!  He turns back but gets taken out by Loa.  Once Cobb gets back in, GOD gets taken out.  Khan returns to lift Tama for a gutwrench for 2.  Another claw applied but Tama grabs the referee.  JADO WITH THE KENDO STICK TO THE BACK.  GUN STUN on Khan gives GOD the win @ 15:53.  (Eh.  This thing was sloppy for most of the match.  Not a great outing by either team and I hoped for better because I like the work both teams have put in the whole tournament.  But this wasn’t very good.  D+.)



Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (2 points) vs. Shingo Takagi & SANADA (8 points)

 – Tana and SANADA begin with a series of friendly reversals.  Toa comes in a house of fire and he wants Shingo.  Shingo comes in and gets double teamed by Toa and Tana.  Toa boots Shingo in the head enough times to piss him off.  Shingo gets to his feet, headbutts him, and clotheslines him down.  All 4 brawl on the floor for a bit before returning to the ring.  SANADA is now the legal man and chinlocks Toa.  Toa tries to fight back but SANADA drops him back to he mat.  Shingo comes back in and now toys with Toa.  He traps the arms and elbows Toa to the face several times.  SANADA back in, they double whip Toa, Shingo holds on and knees him low, then throws him down.  Basement dropkick by SANADA.  SANADA hits the ropes and dives into the arms of Toa.  Toa slams him down and tags in Tana.  Tana has his working boots on and takes out Shingo.  Texas Cloverleaf is locked in briefly before SANADA makes the ropes.  Somersault Senton from the 2nd rope gets 2.  SANADA ducks Tana and runs up top for a dropkick.  Shingo comes back in to slow things down but it turns into a back and forth slugfest.  Tana finally gets the advantage dropping Shingo.  Toa comes back in fresh with a Samoan Drop.  Toa heads up top and nails a diving shoulderblock for 2.5.  They trade reversals off suplexes until SANADA nails a superkick into a back suplex for 2.  Toa is up and takes out SANADA then suplexes Shingo over.  Slingblade by a returning Tana into a legsweep by Toa.  Toa measures for a spear but eats a DDT at the 15 minute mark.  Wheelbarrow lift into a Cutter by SANADA gets 2.5.  Toa is up and superkicks SANADA.  He tells Shingo to give him his best as they trade clotheslines and forearms.  Shingo brings Toa to a knee with about 23 forearms.  Toa fights back with slaps.  Spear off a rebound by Toa gets 2.5.  Toa measures again but gets trapped.  MADE IN JAPAN!  Toa blows it by lifting his head waiting for Tana to break up a pin.  AXE BOMBER by Shingo gets 2.9999999999.  Another Made in Japan finally finishes Toa @ 19:26.  (A fantastic match to finish up the night!  These guys told a story and, again, the main focus was the fighting spirit of Toa.  Shingo really shined in this match too.  A-.)


Final thoughts?

– Well, I hoped that things would be a little more clear as to whom we had going for the finals.  But its back to a 6 way tie at the top.  I was disappointed by the GOD vs. Khan and Cobb match.  Had high hopes for it, but just didn’t deliver.  Of course the headliner is one you want to go back and watch.  Also, Chaos vs Fin Juice is worth a second look.  So now we head into tonight with the following teams all tied in first place with 10 points:  Ishii & Yano…Dangerous Tekkers…YoSHI & Goto…Fin Juice…Guerillas of Destiny…Shingo Takagi & SANADA.  See you later on in Fukuoka.