What the World Was Watching: USWA Championship Wrestling – October 21, 1995

The announce crew shakeups continue as today’s broadcasting team features Lance Russell, back from his Hawaii vacation, and Corey Maclin.  They are doing today’s show from the WMC-TV5 studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

Russell interviews Bob Armstrong, who lists four conditions to end the USWA-SMW feud.  These are that the fine on his son Jesse James Armstrong should be lifted, Brian Christopher should be suspended for attacking him on last week’s show, Maclin should apologize for anti-Armstrong comments he has made in the past (and Maclin’s facial expression when this condition is read is great), and promoter Randy Hales should announce that he is a coward and leave the USWA forever.  Armstrong’s deadpan delivery during this segment made this an excellent segment.

A recap of Bob Armstrong’s argument with Hales on last week’s show is aired, along with the wild brawl that developed after the Jesse James Armstrong-Doug Gilbert match.

Opening Contest:  Doug Gilbert & Billy Jack Haynes defeat Tekno Team 2000 (w/Downtown Bruno) (5-3) when Haynes pins Troy after Gilbert hits Troy with a chain at 5:20:

Slotting in Bruno as Tekno Team 2000’s manager gives them a sweet kiss of booking death.  The match is booked as a brawl and there a ton of punches thrown.  Haynes gets to shine as the babyface that gets the hot tag, but the Teknos overwhelm him and put him down with a backdrop.  The referee forces Travis out of the ring, though, allowing Gilbert to sneak in and nail Troy so his team can go over.  That is an awful way to book Haynes since it makes him look weak and it seems backwards for a heel team to lose in this manner.  Unsurprisingly, this would be Haynes’ last appearance on USWA television.  Rating:  ½*

Brian Christopher (35-15-6) pins the Shadow after a superkick at 1:52:

The highlight of the squash is when Christopher puts the Shadow in an armbar and the crowd chants for him to “break it.”  In a nice finishing sequence, the Shadow lands on his feet after a Christopher backdrop, only to eat a superkick.

Maclin interviews Christopher and it does not take long for Bob Armstrong to confront him.  Christopher says that the USWA is not going to comply with Armstrong’s demands, leading to Jesse James and Steve Armstrong, as well as Doug Gilbert and Billy Jack Haynes, to walk out and defend their respective sides.  A brawl between the two sides follows, forcing Jesse James and Steve to flee.  When the babyfaces corner Bob, Tracy Smothers attacks with a Confederate flag and that turns the tide in SMW’s favor.  Smothers lost a “loser leaves town” match back in September, but Haynes showing back up illustrates that the stipulation means nothing.

Jesse James & Steve Armstrong (w/Tracy Smothers) defeat Ken Raper & Charlie Laird when Steve pins Laird after a splash at 1:57:

Smothers does commentary during the squash, calling Raper’s early armdrags attempts “flukes.”  The Armstrongs give Laird a big boot-side suplex combination shortly after he is tagged in and Steve uses a splash to finish.

Russell interviews Bob Armstrong for the second time today.  Armstrong uses the opportunity to call out Randy Hales to meet the fourth conditions of his demands.  Hales repeats Brian Christopher’s words earlier that none of Armstrong’s conditions will be met by the USWA.  This leads to Armstrong choking Hales until Eddie Marlin runs Armstrong off with a chair.  Marlin gets on the mic and puts over Hales work ethic and how he helped run the USWA when Marlin’s wife suffered from heart failure earlier in the year.  Marlin dares SMW to attack him and that he is going to be back on the road as long as Armstrong is in the USWA.  Letting Marlin do more promo work would elevate the USWA-SMW feud because he does not stumble through his promos like Hales is prone to do.

Non-Title Match:  PG-13 (USWA Tag Team Champions) (42-17-3) defeat the Yellow Jacket & Kip Morris when J.C. Ice pins the Jacket after Wolfie D tilt-a-whirl slams him on top of the Jacket at 1:37:

For whatever reason, PG-13 allow Morris to kick out of their double bulldog finisher.  But it does not wreck their chances to win as they finish the Jacket off later.

Maclin talks with PG-13.  They say that they want a piece of the USWA-SMW feud.

Axl Rotten (5-5-3) pins T.D. Steel after a release dragon suplex in 37 seconds:

Rotten attacks Steel before the bell and finishes quickly with a nasty release dragon suplex.  This would be Rotten’s last appearance on Memphis television, making very little impact after three months in the company.

The Last Word:  Even though attendance at the Mid-South Coliseum is poor, the USWA is sticking with the rebooted USWA-SMW storyline.  Bob Armstrong was fantastic in his promo segments on this show, carrying it to something watchable.

Attendance showed signs of a recovery at the Mid-South Coliseum for the October 23 card, with 625 fans attending the show.  That was an increase of 200 over the previous week’s number.  The results of the card are provided courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

-Steven Dunn (13-6-3) pinned Kip Morris

-Doug Gilbert (19-3-3) beat Brandon Baxter (5-5) in a piledriver match

-USWA Tag Team Champions PG-13 (43-17-3) defeated Bob & Steve Armstrong via disqualification

-Billy Jack Haynes (19-4-2) beat Tracy Smothers (5-5)

-Brian Christopher (36-15-6) defeated USWA Southern Heavyweight Champion Jesse James Armstrong (6-4) in a no disqualification match to win the title.  Christopher’s hair was also on the line.

-Jesse James Armstrong, Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers defeated Brian Christopher, Doug Gilbert & Billy Jack Haynes in a Texas Death match.

Backstage News*:        The reason that Downtown Bruno acted as the manager for Tekno Team 2000 on USWA Championship Wrestling was that Brandon Baxter did not appear at television for an undisclosed reason.  Tekno Team 2000 is also said to be on their way out of the territory, which might be tied to Bill Watts recently quitting his job in the WWF.

*Miss Texas is out with an injury suffered from a Brandon Baxter chair shot at the October 16 Memphis show.

*Tracy Smothers is dedicated to wrestling for SMW and the USWA as part of the inter-promotional angle, reportedly wrestling on a Friday night in Knoxville and then driving 450 miles to Memphis to do his run-in and interview, and then driving more than 400 miles back to Morristown, Tennessee for a SMW show.

*Backstage news is courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for October 30.

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