But What About The Match!

While everyone is wrapped up in Sting showing up Wed, which was awesome but should of been on another week after a main event, and whatever they are doing LOLTNA, is it not weird that no one is really talking about the actual match between Mox and Omega being anything that special? I mean that was the biggest main event with their two biggest STARS not named Cody or Brandi they had to offer and it was….ok. Worst part is was for free and they couldn't even get a million viewers for the match and lost viewers for the end. 

I wasn't anticipating the greatest wrestling match ever like Edge vs Orton, but I was expecting at least an uncle Dave 6 star match which is a 3.5-4 star match for most unbiased people not on the AEW payroll. Take away the overbooked ending and what will be remembered about the match a month from now? I mean besides Mox hitting his finisher and instead of covering Omega he decided to have a weak ass slap match!?! If I'm Tony Khan I might be a little worried because what big dream match does he have left beside Cody vs Omega, which can't even be for the title since cody foolishly overbooked himself to never get a title shot again. 

On a side note I have been a reader for years but I do find it hilarious a month ago you were like omg will LOLTNA just give up already and now you can't wait to tune in Tues, assuming you can even find them on TV. FYI Impact taped all their shows for the for the rest of the year in Nov so poor Kenny will have to be spliced in. Let me guess, Kenny will be mad he hasn't been the focus of AEW so he went to his old buddy in Impact, where now they have 3 world titles. I guess we will have to forget he is an EVP who helps books the frigging show!

The match was great and I don’t know what bubble of Twitter you’re living in where it wasn’t considered so.  
And I haven’t even talked about Impact in months outside of reviewing the old 2002 shows.