Best guy at clearing the ring

I remember back when Shinsuke was somewhat hot off of his Rumble win and looked poised to take the title at Mania, there was a Smackdown episode where Nakamura had to do one of those “not a match but superman babyface clears the ring of all the heels” deals. He didn't do it very well – I assume because it just isn’t as important in Japanese wrestling – and sort of wandered around the ring hitting guys with forearms and looping out a high kick or two. Shinsuke had a couple of obvious things going against him as is, but I couldn't help but imagine Vince watching his future WWE champ clear the ring at half speed and going, “Hmph, can't have that.” 

With that in mind, who did the WWE main event clear-the-ring thing best? As good as Hogan and Austin were, it's gotta be the Rock, right? And also, how many babyface champs weren't particularly great at it or didn't have to be for one reason or another? Bret maybe? 

Spoiler: The Rock is best at everything. 
I’ve never really seen (no pun intended) Cena do a convincing ass whopping on a bunch of heels, come to think of it.