Sting’s Debut — Already More Epic Than His Entire WWE Run?

Cinematic wrestling could be in the cards for Sting, but isn't this debut (and as you noted, Tony's glorious call of his return to TNT) a way to TOTALLY wash away the horror of how he was treated by WWE — and buried by Triple H and Vince?

This is the kind of moment that makes me want to be a wrestling fan again (I was at that last show in Panama City in 2001 — it was actually my first wrestling show I attended live!). 

His address next week on AEW might be cathartic as well for all wrestling fans, if he truly unloads on the WWE and why this new “southern” promotion is going to save pro wrestling. 
I don't think he will (or should) unload on WWE because we've had a bunch of that already and it never goes anywhere.  Plus it would probably just get Seth Rollins all riled up on Twitter and he needs to get ready for the baby anyway.