PRIME TIME Thursday Thread: December 3, 2020

“Good evening, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday after what has been an incredibly wild night last night in the world of the squared circle.”

“No kidding, Gorilla; I thought for a second they’d make us do a recap on Cageside Seats!”

“Highly unlikely.  Although we have nothing against that group, and they’ve provided this show with some feature bouts, this is our home, Brain.”

“…oh, that reminds me, rent’s due; I need your half of it.”

“Not like that!  Anyway, I was wondering about your thoughts on the new All Elite World Champion, Kenny Omega.”

“Hey — you gotta give him credit.  He’s a winner wherever he goes.  He found a way to take this one.”

“Found a way is putting it mildly; he and Don Callis, that little twerp, perpetrating that horrible miscarriage of justice!”

“C’mon, Monsoon, you know as well as I do — the gold means everything.  You do what you gotta do.  You get the money, the fame, the access… it’s all worth it.”

“That may be how YOU feel.  How’d that work out in your career?”

“Not my fault I ran into that red and yellow jerk who could cheat better than me.”

“HA!  To find out more about how this unusual partnership came together, we’re going to have to rely on Impact wrestling when it airs on Tuesday.”

“Or just ready Tommy’s recap; same thing.”

“You would go for the cheap option.  Folks, tune in on Sunday as NXT presents their WarGames event!  Two big four-on-four brawls to the finish!”

“As someone who’s seen a bunch of these, I can tell you — they get scary at times.  You really want that advantage.”

“You know, I was wondering, Brain: if it was up to you, what strategy would you use in the WarGames match?”

“Well, you know — I think Kevin Nash had the best idea when he won back in ’97.  You bribe someone on the other team to switch sides.”

“Good luck with that.  You think Mr. Perfect would do business with you again after you bossed him around last time?”

“Hey, money talks, humanoid.  And Curt and I speak similar languages.  Anything can happen in wrestling; did you think Sting would be back?”

“That certainly caught me by surprise, and it appeared to throw a monkey wrench into Brian Cage’s plans.”

“Hey, some people will do anything for family.”


“Yeah!  Darby Allin’s his son, right?  You can see the resemblance in their facepaints.”

“You’re a fountain of misinformation, Brain.  Folks, we’ll be right back to the Prime Time Thursday here in just a–”

“Hey, Monsoon, did you just kick my shoe?”

“No, Brain; why do you ask?”

“I think someone’s hiding under the desk… lemme see… RODDY!?  What are you doing here?”

“Comin’ in at the end to win the segment!  Out you go, Boobsie!”

“No, wait, you can’t do this to me!  Do you know who I am?  Get your hands off of me!”

“…folks, while Hot Rod is escorting the Weasel to the exit, we have this special report for you from our friends across the pond.  Consider it some of the biggest bloopers in wrestling today.  Enjoy!”

(Bring the insanity!)