What the World Was Watching: Smoky Mountain TV – September 9, 1995

Footage from a Barbourville, Kentucky house show where Jim Cornette dismisses Buddy Landel from the Militia for losing a tag team match with Tommy Rich airs.

The finish of a ten-man tag team elimination match in Morristown, Tennessee for $10,000 airs.  The bout came down to Boo Bradley and Terry Gordy.  Gordy won after Cornette tripped Bradley and Gordy dropped an elbow.  After the bell, Cornette and Gordy beat on Bradley until Brad Armstrong tried to make the save.  Cornette tossed powder in Armstrong’s eyes and Gordy powerbombed the SMW Champion several times, with Cornette counting to three afterward.  Tommy Noe is a terrible voiceover on this footage.

Gordy tells Armstrong to get ready to hand over his title to him.

SMW Champion Armstrong says there is no way he loses the title to Gordy in a fair fight.

Chip Kessler says that Armstrong and Gordy will wrestle for the title but does not say when that match will happen.

A recap of the THUGS-Heavenly Bodies feud airs.

Jim Cornette and the Punisher complain about the THUGS assault on the Bodies after Fire on the Mountain and how SMW only fined them $1,000.  Cornette says he sent Dr. Tom Prichard to a fine orthopedic specialist in Texas and he is good to go tonight in a street fight against the THUGS in Johnson City, Tennessee.  This was a meandering promo that did a poor job selling fans on seeing another THUGS-Bodies match.

Kessler interviews Buddy Landel.  Spliced into the interview is lengthy footage of how Landel had a falling out with the Militia dating back to The Super Bowl of Wrestling.  Landel is sporting a bandage on his head because in Barbourville he was beaten down by the Militia.  Tommy Rich and Cornette yell about why Landel is a loser and how he is jealous of Rich because Rich is a former world champion.  Landel rebuts that by saying he can be his own militia, and the Militia made a big mistake messing with him.

Kessler urges fans to go to the Johnson City, Tennessee card to see Brad Armstrong face Terry Gordy for the SMW Championship, the Heavenly Bodies defending the SMW Tag Team Championship against the THUGS in a street fight, and Buddy Landel facing Tommy Rich.

The Last Word:  This was the last recap show in a long line of them since early August.  Not using new television matches to build up a card in Johnson City was a risky promotion move, especially because fans would often tune out of recap broadcasts that did not feature original matches, and it did not pay off as attendance was poor for the September 9 show.  In addition, SMW must have soured on a Brad Armstrong-Tommy Rich program as Terry Gordy is now the Militia foil to get Armstrong’s title.

In addition to the show in Johnson City, SMW ran several shows in Eastern Kentucky and one in North Carolina.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of prowrestlinghistory.com:

Jenkins, Kentucky – Jenkins High School Football Field – September 4, 1995 (600):  Robert Gibson wrestled Buddy Landel to a draw…The Punisher beat Bob Armstrong via disqualification…Terry Gordy pinned Boo Bradley…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Tommy Rich…The THUGS beat SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies via disqualification.

Louisa, Kentucky – Lawrence County Middle School – September 7, 1995 (80):  Buddy Landel pinned Billy Lee…Robert Gibson pinned Al Snow…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Tommy Rich…The THUGS defeated SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies via disqualification.

Lenoir City, North Carolina – The Memorial Building – September 8, 1995 (175):  Buddy Landel beat Al Snow…Tommy Rich pinned Robert Gibson…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Terry Gordy via disqualification…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS…Tracy Smothers won a battle royal.

Johnson City, Tennessee – Freedom Hall – September 9, 1995 (400):  Thrasher wrestled Scott Armstrong to a draw…Uncle Sam (Buddy Landel) pinned Fidel Castrator (Mosh) in a match taped for the movie A Box of Moonlight…Robert Gibson pinned Al Snow…Uncle Sam (Buddy Landel) pinned Saddam Insane (Thrasher) in a match taped for the movie A Box of Moonlight…Bob Armstrong beat the Punisher in a first blood match…SMW Champion Brad Armstrong beat Terry Gordy via disqualification…Buddy Landel wrestled Tommy rich to a double count out…SMW Tag Team Champions the Heavenly Bodies beat the THUGS in a street fight when Dr. Tom Prichard pinned the Dirty White Boy.

Backstage News*:        The film A Box of Moonlight** is not a film about wrestling but features wrestling scenes, which is why Buddy Landel wrestled in Lex Luger-like “stars n’ stripes” tights for his matches against the Headbangers.

*According to reports from Johnson City, Landel got a big reaction as a babyface.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for September 18.

**Author’s Note:  A Box of Moonlight, starring John Turturro and Sam Rockwell and directed by Tom DiCillo, was released in 1996.  The film cost $3.5 million and only grossed $782,641 in box office receipts.

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