Bret in ’93

Say they pull the trigger on Luger. Is their a scenario in which Bret is never a face champion again and we potentially see Anti American Bret sooner to get the belt on him as a heel after turning on Lex (and it even plays off their history). If Bret feels there's no chance of being top dog again does Wcw nab him sooner or would feuds with Hogan and Flair cause him to feel it might not be worth it? Say there's at least no Hogan, would wcw be wise to land Bret and take a real run at the canadian market?
Lemme tell ya my man, they had the UK market dropped in their goddamn laps with Davey Boy Smith in 1993 and had him fighting a f------ midget on an exploding boat instead.  Bret Hart wouldn’t have made it out of WCW in 1993 with his career and sanity intact.