NJPW: World Tag League – Night 7 (11.30.20)

NOVEMBER 30, 2020


 – Night 7 action is upon us Live from Tokyo.  After a short break and a bigger venue, things tell me we may have a better show tonight.  Fin Juice vs. Dangerous Tekkers is your headliner tonight.  Speaking of the Tekkers, they are atop the leader boards with 8 points in a 3 way tie along with Shingo Takagi & SANADA and Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano.  Let’s head to the ring.


Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (6 points) vs. Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (6 points)

 – BC get a taste of their own medicine and are attacked before the bell.  Yujiro is tossed inside to Khan who sidewalk slams him down for 2.  Yujiro is now trapped in the corner with Khan sitting on his back.  Cobb comes in and hits a backbreaker on Yujiro right in front of Togo and EVIL, almost daring them to come in.  Khan comes back in to work a head and arm submission.  Yujiro attempts to fight back but is met with Mongolian Chops.  Yujiro avoids trobule and hits the Hot Shot as Khan goes up and over to the floor.  EVIL wraps a chair around his head and swings for a 400 foot shot deep to center.  Back inside, Yujiro throws Khan into the corner as EVIL removes the pad.  On the outside, EVIL continues to throw Khan into the guardrail.  Cobb and Yujiro now legal.  Yujiro going for the low DDT and gets caught in an Iron Claw by Khan.  Togo with the choke wire on Khan.  EVIL charges and Khan ducks out the way.  Khan chops EVIL to the outside.  Tour of the Islands on Yujiro gets the win @ 13:03.  (A great back and forth opener with both teams playing heel and babyface.  Togo’s spots left to a minimum, which is a positive as well.  C+.)



Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (4 points) vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (6 points)

 – I guess BC watched the last match, because they attack YOSHI and Goto before the bell.  Goto gets the upper hand on Owens and grounds him so YOSHI can be hiptossed on top of Owens.  Fale comes in and eliminates Goto so that Owens can gain the advantage once thrown back in.  Fale tags in and slugs away on Goto.  Goto drops Flae and tags in YOSHI.  YOSHI finally is able to chop the big tree down,  He gets on Fale’s back and is rammed into the corner.  Owens comes in to take back over, but is met by Goto.  Goto with the spinning heel kick in the corner for 2.  Fale comes in to interrupt as they set up for the Asian Spike.  YOSHI runs interference.  Superkick into the Ushigarohi.  Now YOSHI lifts for the double team GTR for the win @ 8:05.  (A good faster paced match here.  This should have been the opener seeing the pace they worked.  Every guy go a little time to shine and no one was buried too bad.  (C.)



Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (8 points) vs. Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (2 points)

 – Toa and Ishii to begin things.  They trade shoulderblocks about 7 times with Toa finally winning the contest.  Double Boston crab to Ishii.  Yano comes in to break it up, but gets locked into one of his own.  Ishii breaks it up and takes over on Toa.  Yano is ready to come in now.  He whips Toa into an exposed corner.  Toa comes back with a diving shoulderblock.  In comes the Ace.  Slams Yano down and hits the somersault senton for 2.  Hair takedown by Yano stops Tana and he tags out to Ishii.  Tana lays in some Koijma chops in the corner and then runs to the far side to connect on a springboard crossbody.  Toa comes back in.  They trade suplex attampts but Tana slaps Ishii down.  Toa hits the ropes but gets hung up on the top by Yano.  Yano attempts to throw him into the exposed corner, but Toa reverses it and clotheslines him down.  Toa heads up top and nails a diving shoulderblock on Ishii.  Ishii is up and attempts a powerbomb by Tana comes in and dropkicks his knee.  Yano back in and tries to catapult Toa into Tana n the corner.  Tana hits the ropes and Slingblades Ishii.  Dragon Screw Legsweep drops Ishii.  Lifting spear on Ishii gets 2.99999.  Another spear by Toa and Yano breaks up the pin.  Yano ducks a clothesline and shoves Tana into Toa.  Ishii clotheslines Toa into the ropes and Yano with a belly to belly.  Cover gets 2.5.  Lariat by Ishii gets 2.5.  Ishii and Toa fight through reversals on a suplex, but Ishii is finally able to hit the Brain Buster for the win @ 14:44.  (That match was non-stop action without a dull moment.  The last 4 minutes were so fast paced, it was hard to keep up with everything going on.  Incredible.  B-.)



Guerillas of Destiny (6 points) vs. SANADA & Shingo Takagi (8 points)

 – SANADA and Tama begin with chain wrestling.  SANADA gets the upper hand with a dropkick.  Loa comes in and SANADA powers out with a suplex.  Shingo comes and nails a double DDT on both men.  He goes to lift Loa and they trade forearms.  Loa goes behind, lifts for a snap German suplex, Shingo rolls through and double clothesline take both men down.  SANADA and Tama now legal again.  He dives on Tama on the outside, throws him back in and covers for 2.  Loa and Shingo come in and GOD gets locked into double Dragon Sleepers.  Inverted DDT on Tama gets 2.  SANADA sets up for a moonsault but rolls through  2 man neckbreaker gets 2.  Shingo back in and gets caught in the inverted Magic Killer.  Magic Killer on SANADA gets 2.5.  Loa goes up top and goes for the top rope powerbomb.  SANADA hurricaranas him off the top.  In comes Old Man Jado.  Shingo meets him with a right hand.  Shingo clotheslines Loa over the top rope.  Dragon Sleeper on Tama, but he small packages for 2.  They now trade Dragon Sleepers.  Gun Stun attempted but SANADA gets the Dragon Sleeper locked in and is swinging.  Jado in with the kendo stick, and Gun Stun wins it for GOD @ 15:28.  (I was really digging this match.  Hoping for a better finish, but it kind of protects SANADA taking the pin.  But they had their feet on the gas from the opening bell.  Really enjoyed this.  B-.)



David Finlay & Juice Robinson (6 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (8 points)

 – Finlay and ZSJ begin with Finlay working over the arm.  They make quick tags in and out continuing to work the arm.  Juice slams Finlay down on top of ZSJ for 2.  Double faceplant on ZSJ.  Juice takes out Taichi while he is napping on the apron.  This angers Taichi and he just comes in and chokes Juice out in the corner.  ZSJ comes in and they attempt a double team, but Juice hits a double cross body on both men.  Fnlay comes in a house of fire.  ZSJ distracts him and Taichi takes control to the floor.  He rams the shoulder of Finlay into the ringpost.  Back inside, Taichi wraps Finlay’s arm around the rope and cranks on it.  Taichi goes to kick Finlay in the head, he ducks, and back suplexes Taichi down.  Double hot tags and in comes Juice.  Full Nelson slam on Taichi.  Diving clothesline on ZSJ.  Now time for the Juice Peppering.  ZSJ catches him in a front facelock submission and Juice suplexes him over.  Demolition Decapitation for 2.  Juice sets up for the Legsweep Mafia Kick but Finlay gets tripped up by Taichi.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Taichi measures for a kick but Finlay pulls him out to the floor.  Legsweep Mafia Kick gets 2.5.  ZSJ now has a mount on Juice while Taichi has a Dragon Sleeper on Finlay on the top rope.All men collapse without a tap out.  ZSJ boots Juice in the face about 7 times and Juice grabs him off the charge.  But ZSJ locks in an Octous Hold in, but Juice drops him.  Finlay is able to tag in.  He trades shots with Taichi in the ring.  ZSJ runs in and eats a Left Hand of God.  All 4 men down.  Taichi hits the Axe Bomber.  Sliced Bread attempted, Taichi rolls through.  Left Hand of God to Taichi, he bounces up into Pulp Friction.  Finlay covers for the win @21:33.  Goodness, these guys refused to go down without stealing the show.  Fantastic effort by all men and made it hard to predict who would win.  B.)


Final thoughts?

– Tonight lived up to the hype.  Al matches were good to great.  You can take just about any match from this card and watch it for a best of.  Definitely the main event. GOD vs. LIJ is worth a look, as well as Chaos vs Toa and Tana.  Ishii and Yano now hold the sole lead with 10 points.  6 different teams hold the 2nd place tie with 8 points.  For the Tag portion, we now take a short break to reconvene on December 4th in Oita.  See you then!