Leaving with the belt

Hey Scott,

I can’t remember if you answered this question before and if I’m even remembering it correctly but I was watching part 2 of broken skull session with undertaker and they bring up the screw job. Steve and undertaker both agree on upon Vince’s motivation of “well what if Bret took the title to wcw?” And they kinda understand where Vince is coming from.

So I can’t fully remember, hasn’t this been debunked that wcw got in major s--- when madusa did it? And there was no chance of that happening?


 No chance.  In fact it was the Ric Flair title belt fiasco in 1991 that set the legal precedent for the belts being intellectual property of the promotion. And as noted, Madusa pulling that stunt meant that WCW legal would never let it happen again.  And also, again for the people in the back, Bret was still under contract with the WWF until December and couldn’t show up at all until then.