Tag Team TURMOIL ~ !

Hey, Scott:

Watching some 1980s Survivor Series and some tag team queries crossed my mind:

1.) Breaking up The Rockers and giving Shawn Michaels the rocket push is one of the more famous examples, but has there ever been a high profile tag team split in which the *wrong* guy got the big solo push?

2.) Like you, I have an irrational amount of platonic man-love for the Hart Foundation. While late 80s Anvil still had some gas in the tank, obviously Bret Hart was…Bret Hart and their chemistry was off the charts. Who do you have as the most successful tag team to feature one guy who was a top-notch worker and a partner who was a step above “exhumed corpse”.

3.) In 1989, when sweet cocaine was openly flowing thru every nose in pro wrestling, Tully Blanchard fails a drug test that gets him fired from WWF and costs him a new contract with WCW. Was there any other unreported/locker room reason why Tully’s career (in the big two) was effectively over at age 35 when drugs were an open secret?


1.  I can't think of many off-hand.  Usually they got it right.  
2.  The Eliminators!  Man did Kronus ever get exposed badly after Saturn left.  
3.  It was more him pissing off the wrong people over and over.  The drug stuff was a convenient scapegoat so they could justify it.