Saturday Night “Fight” Thread

Oh man, tonight was supposed to be a UFC, but the main event was canceled by COVID so I don’t know if anyone is gonna bother with it since there was literally nothing underneath the Derrick Lewis fight on top.

Oh, but you can always watch this trainwreck, which actual people in my actual life have actually asked me about today:

Like, if you’re planning on ordering this clown show which is being promoted as a “sparring session” but really it’s going to be a FIGHT, wink wink, nudge nudge, then by all means use my link so I can at least make a few bucks while all our IQs collectively drop 20 points.  But yes, Mike Tyson is “fighting” Roy Jones Jr. and yet people still make fun of pro wrestling for being insulting.

Smackdown ratings were down so apparently Roman Reigns is gonna have to slap an Uso around backstage for jacking his ratings.

Tonight’s review is probably either RAW or Nitro, as we carry on with 1997 because eventually I’m gonna run out of reposts and catch up to where I left off again.

I treated myself to the Hitman HD remaster collection on PS4 for Black Friday, so I’ll probably give that a go even though I suck at Hitman.

Have a great night!