NJPW: World Tag League – Night 6 (11.28.20)

NOVEMBER 28, 2020


– Welcome to a live version of Night 6 action from Kanagawa.  Tonight’s headliner is YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto vs. Guerillas of Destiny.  On the leader board, we foinally have just one team atop the standings:  Shingo Takagi & SANADA with 8 points.  Beneath them are a whopping 5 teams all tied with 6 points.  Let’s head to the ring!


Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan (6 points) vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (6 points)

 – Khan and Cobb attack before the bell.  Stereo belly-to-back suplexes on Yano and Ishii.  Yano ducks out of the way and takes off the corner pad.  Cpbb shoulderblocks both men down.  They attempt to suplex him and he SUPLEXES BOTH MEN OVER!  Cobb and Khan take turns beating on Yano.  Yano is able to escape with a hair take down and tag in Ishii.  Ishii does his best to fight off both men.  Ishii hit the ropes and Cobb dropkicks him down.  Cobb misses a corner splash and Ishii is finally able to lift him for a delayed suplex.  Cobb somehow rolls through and returns the favor.  Superkick by Cobb and Ishii returns with a german suplex.  Yano and Khan back in now.  Yano hits the exposed corner and gets hit with a Mongolian thrust.  Khan tries choking Yano out but Ishii jumps in at the last minute for the save.  Khan grabs a claw hold on Yano, gets shoved into Ishii, then low blow and roll up gets Chaos the win @ 13:30.  (Longer opener than what I’m used to.  Fun opener with contrasting styles.  Khan continues to improve every night he’s out there.  C+.)



Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (2 points) vs. Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (2 points)

 – Owens begins working over Tana’s arm.  Fale comes in and so does Toa.  Fale punishes him by standing on top of him.  Owes back in, works over Toa until Toa hits a diving shouldderblock.  Tana gets the hot tag and hits a somersault senton on Owens.  Fale comes back in and Tanaflirtss with slaming him.  Toa tagged back going 100 mph.  He tries to suplex the big man.  Tana comes in and they suplex Fale over!  Slingblade on Fale gets 2.  Owens back in, hits the Dragon Screw on Tana.  He attempts it on Toa but gets elbowed out.  Basement clothesline on Fale gets 2.  Owens lifts Toa and ties up his arms, Fale hits the ropes and clotheslines him as Owens German suplexes him backward for the BC win @ 10:35.  (I thought for sure Toa and Tana would get the nod here.  Great stuff by Tana in here wrestling most of the match.  You can tell he’s trusting Toa to bat clean-up more.  C+.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (6 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr (6 points)

 – BC attacks Taichi before the bell.  Hell, before ZSJ can even run out there.  Soon it breaks down and the champions wear down EVIL in their corner.  EVIL rakes the eyes and throws ZSJ into the exposed blue corner.  This doesn’t sit well with Taichi and he charges into the corner also.  Yujiro in with ZSJ and hits his promissory basement dropkick.  ZSJ on the outside and EVIL shoves him so hard into the guardrail, the whole timekeeper’s table is knocked over.  In a funny spot, they get it set back up in enough time for EVIL to do the exact same thing to Taichi.  Back inside, all 3 guys cheat and hold on to each other in an abdominal stretch on ZSJ.  They break the hold for ZSJ to get a clean abdominal stretch on EVIL in the center of the ring.  EVIL breaks free to tag out, so does ZSJ.  AXE BOMBER ON YUJIRO!  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Togo grabs the leg of Taichi in the corner so that BC can take back over.  Taichi has enough and throws Yujiro down by the throat.  ZSJ and Yujiro both miss kicks, but Yujiro connects on a low kick for 2.  ZSJ kicks the arm and hits the ropes, but Togo trips him up.  Taichi drops Yujiro and PK to Yujiro for 2.  Yujiro has a pimp stick and goes to nail Taichi.  Togo comes in with the wire to choke him, but ZSJ chokes out Togo. Taichi kicks EVIL low. Yujiro nails Taichi with the stick.  Angle Slam on ZSJ.  Attempted DDT by Yujiro but ZSJ cradles out for a 2.  Taichi lifts Yujiro behind him, ZSJ brings him down for the win @ 13:58.  (Fast paced encounter with the Tekkers taking the brunt of the punishment.  Really out-did themselves here fending off the 3rd man outside, the constant cheating and weapons, and still about to pull out a victory.  C+.)



Shingo Takagi & SANADA (8 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (4 points)

 – Match begins with Juice and SANADA.  Juice works over the arm and makes quick tags in and out with Finlay to continue working the arm.  Finally Finlay is broke down and now LIJ work over his arm.  Juice comes in with Shingo and attempts the Left Hand of God, but SANADA comes in with a Paradise Lock.  He dropkicks him low for 2.  Now stereo Dragon Sleepers but FinJuice get loose.  All 4 men in the ring now, well 3, as Juice gets tossed outside. LIJ with double team maneuvers on Finlay but he kicks out at 2.5.  Juice back in and he clotheslines Shingo to a stalemate.  Finlay with a superplex on Shingo and a frog splash from Juice.  SANADA breaks it up.  Shingo charges and Finlay catches him in an attempted Sliced Bread.  Juice back in and Pulp Friction on Shingo.  LEFT HAND OF GOD to SANADA off the apron.  Sliced Bread on Shingo gets FinJuice the win @15:47.  (Incredible match that stole the show.  FinJuice not the odds on favorite here, took the punishment and stood in there.  I think this begins the 2nd half of the tournament where they will make up for the early loses and make a case for the trophies by the final night.  B.)



Guerillas of Destiny (6 points) vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (4 points)

 – Goto and Loa begin it here trading off hold and reversals.  YOSHI tagged in and gets hiptossed by his own partner onto Loa for 2.  Eventually, Tama comes in to help Loa gain the advantage.  Tama is now the legal man in the ring punishing YOSHI.  YOSHI fights free and tags in Goto.  Loa and Goto clothesline each other to the mat.  Both men are able to make the hot tags.  YOSHI opens up Tama with chops.  Tama laid over the top rope and gets nailed with a delayed dropkick.  Tama fights out a suplex and nails a clothesline in the corner.  Both men miss on big moves, but Goto comes in with an Ushiguroshi followed by a double knee splash by YOSHI for 2.  Toa in and they hit a Magic Killer.  No cover, instead an assisted back suplex gets 2.  Another inverted Magic Killer gets 2 before Goto interrupts.  Tama measures for the Gun Stun but gets rolled up by YOSHI, and CHAOS with the upset @ 14:32!  (That falsh pin caught me off guard.  Hell, I’m not even sure if I called that right.  But that win keeps a clusterfuck in the 2nd place spot.  I felt that match had more in it, if they went another 5 minutes. C-.)


Final thoughts?

– 3 teams now lead the 1st place spot with 8 points:  Shingo Takagi & SANADA, Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano, and Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. Then a 5 way tie at 2nd place with 6 points.  With 3 matches left on everyone’s plate, it is going to be hard to call who will come out on top now.  But we are back Monday morning from Tokyo with more action.  See you then.