WHAT IF 1991 Russian Nightmare Edition

Nikita Koloff debuts at Summerslam 1990 as a megaheel instead of Slaughter, destroys geeks left and right, building up to the WM main event against champ Hulk or Warrior. Buys? No buys?

Vince was desperately trying to sign away Nikita in the 80s, but I don't know if he would have had much interest by 1990.  The whole Russian thing was kind of passe, especially since Nikita wouldn't have had the Crockett history to draw upon.  ALTHOUGH, although, although, thinking about it for a second, if he came in and teased a reunion with Dusty Rhodes as the Superpowers and then brutalized him, I bet Dusty could have gotten him over and taken him to that level pretty quick.  Yeah, actually, scratch my earlier hesitation, bring in Nikita, turn on Dusty and destroy him, and then shoot him to the top against Hogan.  Book it.