Hi Scott,

Once again: greetings from The Netherlands!

I enjoyed your review of the 1982 WWF show. I was wondering: what was the deal with Pedro Morales? When I started watching wrestling in 1986/87, I remember seeing him wrestling in six men tags with Tito and … Lanny Poffo? I guess.

Only later I found out he was a former WW(w)F champion. But in the mid 80’s pretty much a jobber (to the stars?). Was that just the way things went? I don’t recall many former champs in that role. (Yeah, Jinder….)

Why was that?

Usually the champs wouldn't stick around the WWF after they lost, they'd move onto other territories and use their status as former champion to make money elsewhere.  Ivan Koloff milked a whole damn career out of that.  Pedro is kind of a rare exception to that, as not only did he step down to a role as IC champion when he returned, but he then stepped all the way down to jobber as you note.  I don't really recall him being a big deal in other territories.  Maybe he was just loyal to Vince Sr.?