NXT UK – November 26, 2020

Date: November 26, 2020
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

It’s Thanksgiving in the United Stats but that isn’t quite so important in the UK. Instead, let’s have a title match as the first ever Heritage Cup is on the line with A-Kid meeting Trent Seven in the tournament finals. Other than that, Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin is defending his title as well. Let’s get to it.

The opening video looks at the importance of the Heritage Cup and features A-Kid and Trent Seven talking about how important the title would mean to them.

Cruiserweight Title: Jordan Devlin vs. Amir Jordan

Devlin is defending and for the sake of simplicity, I’ll only refer to Amir Jordan as Jordan. A shoulder into a headlock takeover has Jordan down to start but he’s back up with a wristlock to flip Devlin over. That just means a big running elbow from Devlin and they trade chops until Devlin blasts him with a dropkick. Devlin cranks on his neck for a bit, followed by the release Rock Bottom into the standing moonsault for two. They head outside with Jordan being stomped against the barricade and it’s a belly to back backbreaker back inside.

We hit the abdominal stretch but Jordan hiptosses his way to freedom. The comeback is on with a clothesline to the floor and there’s a suicide dive to take Devlin down. Back in and Jordan gets caught on top but Devlin has to block the sunset bomb. Instead it’s an electric chair flipped forward into a slam for two on Devlin. Jordan goes up top but the top rope backsplash hits raised knees. The Cloverleaf makes Jordan tap to retain the title at 9:44.

Rating: C. Devlin continues to look sharp out there and Jordan was putting up a good fight throughout. This was much more about having Devlin get in there and show that he can still bring it in a title defense and they pulled that off well. I’m curious about how they’re going to handle the two Cruiserweight Titles, but that isn’t the kind of thing that WWE is going to let last very long.

Post match Devlin says there is one Cruiserweight Champion.

Rampage Brown is training at the Performance Center when Saxon Huxley comes up to say his name. Please just be a squash.

Noam Dar is getting his own talk show. Does he have to?

Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews jumped Eddie Dennis and the Hunt on their way in today. That could be a heck of a six man with the right partner.

Isla Dawn vs. Jinny

They trade headlocks to start until Dawn knocks her down and gets two off a double knee drop. Jinny responds by kicking her in the head and then grabbing the Iron Octopus. Dawn makes a rope so Jinny rolls her into a reverse chinlock. With that broken up, Jinny kicks her in the head over and over. Back up and Dawn hits her own kicks to the chest and a Saito suplex gets two. Jinny sends her hard into a knee to the face though and the Tarantula has Dawn screaming. Something like a crossface chickenwing with a leg grapevine makes Dawn tap at 5:04.

Rating: C+. The finish looked good and Jinny was more dominant than she has been in a long time. She has seemed to be ready to move up to the next level for a long time now and maybe this is the time where she finally gets to move up. Nice and quick match here, with Jinny coming off like a killer who can take a hit.

Post match, Jinny calls out Piper Niven.

Alexander Wolfe comes in to see Sid Scala about a match with Joe Coffey. Scala says it’s on, with Gallus and Imperium banned. Wolfe throws him an apple.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Heritage Cup: Trent Seven vs. A-Kid

For the inaugural title. Feeling out process to start with Kid taking him to the mat for a quickly broken headlock. Seven cartwheels his way to freedom and grabs a headscissors on the mat to slow things down a bit. That’s reversed into a double arm crank on Seven and they roll around with some grappling as the first round ends.

Round two begins with a test of strength going to Seven, who can’t break Kid’s bridge. Kid tapes him down and starts pulling on the arms but switches over to a kneebar. Seven is in trouble but manages to survive until the end, where he pops Kid in the jaw with a right hand.

We start round three with Kid kicking the water bottle out of Seven’s hand, only to have the parched Seven unload with chops. Kid kicks him down in a heap though and some running kicks, including one to the face, finish Seven at 1:34 of round three (8:50 total). The fourth round begins with Kid hitting a running kick to the face in the corner again and slapping on a Crossface. The triangle doesn’t work for Kid so he tries a cross armbreaker, which is countered with a heck of a powerbomb. They’re both down as time expires.

Round five begins with Seven grabbing a front facelock and Kid having to flip his way out of it. Back up and Seven plants him with a DDT for two and they both need a breather. Kid pulls himself up in the corner and fights out of the Birminghammer attempt. Seven tries a belly to back superplex attempt instead but Kid turns it into a high crossbody for a very near fall as time expires.

The final round begins with Seven hitting a quick Emerald Flosion for his own near fall. A big lariat gets the same and there’s the Birminghammer for a delayed two as Kid’s foot is underneath the rope. The Seven Star Lariat only gets two so Kid goes for the arm, only to have Seven stack him up for the pin at 2:31 (19:41).

So that’s a tie at the end of round six so let’s go to overtime with no time limit. Round seven starts Kid wins a slugout but the Seven Star Lariat cuts him off. Seven can’t follow up so Kid goes to the apron, with Seven joining him. The slugout goes to Seven, who hits his suplex slam to the floor, leaving Kid mostly done.

Kid still dives in and beats the count so Seven hits another Seven Star Lariat. That’s not enough for a cover as Seven loads up the Birminghammer, only to have Kid slip out and hit a superkick. Seven pulls him into a rollup like the one he won with before but this time pulls him into a Rings of Saturn, with Kid using his leg to pull Seven’s arm back for the tap and the cup at 5:17 of overtime (26:04 total).

Rating: B. That certainly worked and you forget that the rounds are there after a bit, making it a rather good match with both guys trying to survive and hold onto/chase the lead. Seven not being able to hang in there with the young Kid worked, especially with Kid just striking him down over and over. Good stuff here and Kid is a nice choice to see what he can do with the Cup, especially once Imperium realizes it’s perfect for them.

Post match Seven presents Kid with the trophy and streamers fly to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. The main event was more than enough to carry the show and the first two matches were certainly serviceable enough. They wrapped up the tournament on a high note and that’s a positive sign for the future. As usual, they know how to set things up for the future so while they have their work cut out for them following this one, they had a good show here and could pull it off again in the future.


Jordan Devlin b. Amir Jordan – Cloverleaf

Jinny b. Isla Dawn – Crossface chickenwing with a leg grapevine

A-Kid b. Trent Seven 2-1



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