NJPW: World Tag League – Night 5 (11.24.20)

NOVEMBER 24, 2020


 – We are back a day late for Night 5 of the World Tag League.  It’s a 4 way tie at the top of the leader board with Shingo Takagi & SANADA, Guerillas of Destiny, EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi, and Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb all having 6 points.  Let’s get going!


Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (0 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (4 points)

 – Of course Bullet Club attacks before the bell.  Juice peppers Fale, but gets cut off.  Finlay in for the save and here comes Owens for a double hiptoss.  FinJuice work Owens over with quick tags.  Double faceplant gets 2.  Owens ducks a clothesline and Fale nails Juice with one of his own to the floor.  Fale throws Juice into a partition near Milano.  Dick move.  Owens comes back in and work a front facelock.  Juice breaks free and hot tags in Finlay.  Dives all around the outside as Finlay heats up.  Back inside, twisting forearm gets 2.  Juice back in, fresh off being out for a full minute.  Legsweep/Mafia Kick combo gets 2.  Fale comes in and cuts off Finlay.  Package Piledriver attempt on Juice, he backdrops out.  Fale wirh the Asian Spike on both men.  Owens lifts and Fale with the diving headbutt for the win @ 9:04.  (For the opener, this match looked like these guys were working half speed.  Bit of an upset, but at least this gets BC on the board.  D+.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (6 points) vs. Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points)

 – 3 way Too Sweeeeeet and we’re off with a clean start, for once.  EVIL and Tana begin it.  Tana catches him with an elbow off a charge and hits a twisting cross body off the second.  Toa tags in and they apply a double Boston Crab.  EVIL back up and whips Toa to the blue corner and that pesky corner pad magically falls off.  BC works both men over on the outside.  Togo is just itching to interfere.  I mean he comes out with his fists taped.  How does he get clearance to be a manager?  EVIL applies the abdominal stretch right by his corner.  Guess what happens next?  We have a 3 way illegal pull from EVIL to Yujiro to fucking Togo on the outside.  Referee is slow as hell to break this up.  Toa reverses a suplkex as the crowd gets on their feet.  Tana with a piping hot tag.  He clears out the corner, even giving Togo his due.  EVIL slammed down and somersault senton gets 2.  Tana gets tossed over the top, attempts to skin the cat, but Togo catches him and Dragon Screws his leg.  EVIL pulls him back in and applies the Sharpshooter.  Toa runs in to break it up.  Yujiro grabs Tana as EVIL hits the ropes, but Toa pulls EVIL down.  Double hot tags as Toa hits a Death Valley Driver on Yujiro for 2.  Yujiro rakes the eyes, but misses a low dropkick.  Toa readies for a spear but Togo grabs his leg.  Yujiro with the spinning heel kick for 2.  Angle Slam by Yujiro gets 2.5.  Yujiro grabs his  Pimp Stick and hits Toa in the throat.  He sets up for the DDT but Tana comes in and hands everyone a Dragon Screw.  Slingblade on Yujiro.  Toa charges and lifts for the Spinebuster.  Tana dives over the top on EVIL and Togo.  Urinage on Yujiro gets the win @ 13:03.  (Great back and forth match.  Togo’s constant interference is getting old now.  Good to see Tana and Toa get a win finally.  Toa worked really great here and Tana worked his ass off as well.  C+.)



Guerillas of Destiny (6 points) vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (4 points)

 – This one could be fun.  Old Man Jado is out here for this match.  Yano and Loa begin things.  Yano tries to shoulderblock him down but doesn’t work.  Yano slaps Loa in the back of the head and now he is trapped between the Guerillas.  Yano fears for his life and takes off the corner pad.  Jado grabs the pad to get it out of the ring.  Tama beats Yano with it outside the ring.  Tama comes in a sits down a la Earthquake on Yano’s chest for 2.  Loa comes back in and shoves Ishii off the apron to the floor.  Yano with a hair takedown on Loa and we get hot tags on both sides.  Ishii whips the Guerillas into each other.  Ishii suplexes Tama down.  Both men slow to get up and Tama throws Ishii into the exposed corner.  Loa with a suplex, rolls through and lay out suplex gets 2.  Ishii fights free and tags Yano.  Yano misses a charge into the exposed corner but comes back with inverted atomic drops on both men.  Rollup on Loa gets 2.  Loa has enough and clotheslines both men down. Magic Killer attempted but Ishii German suplexes Loa.  Magic Killer on Ishii for his troubles.  Yano gets lifted for the Inverted Magic Killer for 2.5.  Tama has the kendo stick, swings for Yano, but cracks his brother over the head.  Yano shoves Loa into Tama, low blow, and roll up gets the win @ 12:11.  (Good call back to the night before with the kendo stick now costing GOD the match.  The Jado interference was kept to a minimum and Yano’s usual spots weren’t too outrageous.  C.)


– Post match, Yano’s KOPW trophy is smashed into pieces.  The temerity.



Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (6 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (4 points)

 – Taichi and ZSJ are right up in their opponent’s faces, almost daring them to jump before the bell.  They eventually do and we have a brawl outside the ring.  Things calm down rather quickly and Cobb is in the ring tossing ZSJ around.  ZSJ attempts to tie up Cobb, but gets thrown from the top rope.  Khan comes in and lays out ZSJ.  Taichi has seen enough and tries to run in.  Khan dumps him outside and Cobb tags back in.  Cobb suplexes ZSJ over and Khan is back in.  He sits on ZSJ’s back as he is trapped in the corner.  Now Cobb back in and hard whips ZSJ into the corner for 2.  Khan back in and slowly works ZSJ down.  ZSJ bouncesd back with a tornado DDT and we get hot tags for both teams.  Taichi tries to wear down Cobb but gets shoulderblocked down hard.  Cobb misses a corner charge and eats a front enziguiri into a spinning back suplex.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  As soon as Taichi is pantsless, Cobb hits a twisting suplex and tags Khan back in.  Mongolian Chops to Taichi.  Khan misses a clothesline and Taichi hits the Axe Bomber.  ZSJ back in, but gets dropped.  Cobb comes in for the lifting suplex.  Khan comes in and does the same for 2.  ZSJ tied up in the Tree of Woe.  Khan lowers his head to get ready to charge, but Taichi cuts him off.  Cobb comes in and goes for Tour of the Islands.  ZSJ spins around and grabs a quick submission before pushing Cobb into Taichi who is waiting with a big boot.  Khan comes in and gets tied up.  Cobb back in and lifts ZSJ but gets booted by Taichi.  Khan lifted on the back of Taichi and ZSJ assists with the slam for the win @ 14:48.  (Good traditional style match but weird to see the Tekkers lay babyfaces so much the last few nights.  Cobb is kept strong here and the loss doesn’t bury either man.  Not a great match but just kind of in the middle.  C.)



YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (4 points) vs. Shingo Takagi & SANADA (6 points)

 – Goto and Shingo start with dueling shoulderblocks.  Goto wins the battle and YOSHI comes in.  Shingo suplexes YOSHI down and YOSHI comes up grabbing his back.  YOSHI tossed outside and gets more punishment to the back,  Back inside, SANADA comes in and applies a chinlock.  YOSHI tries to fire up and gets tied up in a Paradise Lock in front of Milano.  SANADA gets a running start and dropkicks him in the ass to free him.  SANADA goes for a suplex but gets reversed over.  Shingo gets tagged in before YOSHI can get to his corner.  Shingo misses a clothesline and eats a Blockbuster.  Goto finally gets tagged in.  Bulldog on Shingo gets 2.  GTR attempted and Shingo fights out with a clothesline.  Shingo twists and turns into a DDT.  SANADA back in and dropkicks Goto into a waiting back suplex of Shingo.  SANADA goes for the middle rope moonsault but Goto brings the back of his head onto the knee.  YOSHI back in with a plethora of dropkicks.  Superkick into a GTR gets 2 before Shingo breaks it up.  Goto and YOSHI brings Shingo’s head onto the knee.  SANADA gets modified Magic Killer into a GTR.  Shingo back up and we get a double clothesline spot.  SANADA with a slingshot suplex on YOSHI for 2.5.  Bckbreaker on YOSHI sets up a moonsault, but YOSHI rolls out the way.  Dragon Sleeper on YOSHI.  Goto comes in and hooks one in on SANADA.  Shingo breaks that up and hits the Axe Bomber on YOSHI.  DVD on YOSHI by SANADA for 2.5.  Quick rollup by YOSHI gets 2.5.  SANADA backflips into the Dragon Sleeper.  He swings YOSHI around and drops to the mat.  YOSHI taps out @ 17:22.  (A damn good main event here.  YOSHI put his working boots back on tonight.  As well as SANADA.  All 4 men looked great and, once again, the loss didn’t hurt anyone.  B-.)


Final thoughts?

– Another small crowd contributed to glorified house show event for the 2nd night in a row.  Everything was pretty average tonight.  Tanahashi and Toa vs EVIL and Yujiro was a bright spot, as well as the main event.  So if you’re looking for the best of the best, go with these two matches.  Hopefully, I will be back with a quick turn around tomorrow morning for night 6 action from Kanagawa.  See you then.