AEW/NWA Power Hour


Hear me out on this – I think this idea might just work:
1. We already know that AEW and the NWA have some type of working agreement – NWA wrestlers holding NWA titles are appearing and defending them on AEW programming. So the two companies clearly can find a way to work together.

2. NWA just unveiled their new weekly YouTube program – which is great. I loved Powerrr, and I have high hopes for this new venture.

3. AEW has openly talked about a second show on TV that would not just be Dark switching from YouTube. Things can always change, especially in the COVID era, but as of now I haven't heard that that is no longer the plan.

So…why not have that second TV show be a jointly branded AEW/NWA hour of weekly wrestling? Maybe three matches or so, mostly cross-promotion, but could still have the occasional match with wrestlers from the same promotion. You could even, if TNT was so inclined, bring back an occasional longer, Clash-style special where you might see a match pitting Champion Mox vs Champion Aldis, or some such. It could serve to advance storylines for both promotions, and create new ones, such as someone from AEW screwing over Mox, for example, allowing Aldis to get the win and claim bragging rights as the “real world's champ” but Mox having an out and a new feud.

Obviously the details would need worked out, but I think the broad strokes of this could work. Your thoughts?

Ugh, no thanks.  AEW is definitely the alpha dog in their relationship and to be honest, dragging them down with the NWA guys does nothing for anyone but Corgan.  It's not that the NWA didn't have talented guys to steal, but Powerrr is like a pleasant diversion on YouTube and not what I'd call a serious threat to any other promotion.