Undertaker on Cameo

How are we not talking about these yet? Undertaker earnestly delivering lines in character like “I also understand you’re quite the baseball player” and “AJ, you fine… Reeeaaal fine” for $1000 a pop is some of the funniest s--- I’ve ever seen. This character is done after these. This is all I can think about now. Oh god, the “All… Elite… Scooby Doo” one broke me. I’m dead. I admire his commitment to giving these people their money’s worth, which is admittedly commendable, but this copy is some pure, uncut, Tim & Eric s---. I’m going to die laughing thinking about these.
Hey man, he spent 30 years taking himself incredibly seriously.  I'm glad he's able to do whatever crazy s--- he wants now and make some money at the same time.