What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – August 22, 1995

A recap of Cactus Jack’s heel turn at Wrestlepalooza ’95 airs.

ECW Champion the Sandman and Woman talk about how they love thinking about Mikey Whipwreck and the Public Enemy lying in a poor of their own blood.  The Sandman adds that Whipwreck is a boy trying to do a man’s job.

After showing J.T. Smith’s scary Wrestlepalooza botch, Smith cuts a promo about how it is sad that the botch was the only way he could earn the respect of the promotion’s fans in Philadelphia.  Smith tells Hack Myers that he is going to make him feel worse in their next encounter.

After a replay of the Francine-Beulah McGillicutty catfight at Wrestlepalooza airs, McGillicutty calls Francine a tamp and she is distracting Stevie Richards from what Raven is wanting him to do.  She vows to rip Francine’s clothes off and slap her around at the ECW Arena on August 26.

Footage of Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero exchanging the Television Championship airs, Guerrero puts over another clash between them that will be two-out-of-three falls at the ECW Arena on August 26.  He says that both men will define ECW as a place for extreme technical wrestling, adding that he has some doubts about whether he or Malenko is the better man in the promotion.

2 Cold Scorpio laughs about breaking Taz’s neck and says he cannot throw his vaunted Tazplexes anymore.  Scorpio reiterates his desire to keep dropping bombs on everyone in the promotion so he can get to the top.  The segment ends with slow motion footage of Scorpio doing the Drop the Bomb (a moonsault leg drop) to Mikey Whipwreck in New York.

Taz and the Steiner Brothers put over how they are ready for Dean Malenko, Scorpio, and Cactus Jack to set up today’s show.

Joey Styles commentates today’s matches, which once again come from Wrestlepalooza ’95.

Mikey Whipwreck asks the Public Enemy if he is same in the ghetto.  The Enemy give him some advice for fighting with them against the Sandman and the Gangstas at ECW Arena on August 26.  Whipwreck gets mugged off camera so the Enemy go after his assailant.  Whipwreck ends the segment by warning the Sandman that his mother might call the cops on him if things get too extreme.  This was arguably the most entertaining segment that the Public Enemy have been in this year.

Bill Alfonso records a home video in Switzerland that shows people wearing ECW t-shirts.  He does not understand the phenomenon.

Opening Contest:  2 Cold Scorpio, Dean Malenko & Cactus Jack defeat Eddie Guerrero & the Steiner Brothers (w/Taz) when Malenko pins Guerrero after a front roll at 17:12 shown:

Chris Benoit was supposed to team with Scorpio and Malenko in this match, but Benoit was out with a shoulder injury.  To avoid a handicap situation, Raven comes to the ring, tells Scorpio that he feels the pain that “his people” have experienced, and offers them Jack’s services.  Jack does a pre-match promo that says the Steiners are overrated and that Guerrero is a midget, cracking up Scorpio.  Both teams do not have a lot of cooperative offense, but there are fun mini-matches and sequences scattered throughout, especially from Guerrero and Malenko and Rick and Scorpio.  Guerrero is placed in peril before and after a commercial break, with Scorpio refusing to pin the Television Champion after dropping the bomb and then paying for it when Guerrero uses a hurricanrana to give Rick a hot tag.  That triggers a Steiner suplex showcase and a fun spot where the babyfaces do their version of Doomsday Devices to all off the heels.  The last one on Malenko does not work out well, though, as Guerrero tries a flying hurricanrana and Malenko does not have anything to launch himself forward, so he goes splat on the mat.  That spot should leave Malenko dead to rights, but he is barely phased, going over on a Guerrero suplex effort and then using a front roll to prevail.  The end was lame, but this match had great pacing, worked to the strengths of all involved, and was fun to watch.  Rating:  ***¾

Non-Title Singapore Cane Match:  Mikey Whipwreck (7-4) beats the Sandman (ECW Champion w/Woman) (10-5) with a flying body press at 2:11:

This was supposed to be Marty Jannetty facing the Sandman, but Jannetty no showed Wrestlepalooza to go and work for Smoky Mountain Wrestling and, not surprisingly, never worked for Paul Heyman again.  The match is clipped a lot as the Sandman does not take Whipwreck seriously, only to have Whipwreck bash him over the head with a chair three times and win with a flying body press.  That finish gets a nice pop from the ECW faithful.

As per pre-match stipulations, Whipwreck gets to cane the Sandman ten times.  The Sandman does not want to take the blows and Woman refuses to hand over the Singapore cane, but Woman hands it over when she is informed that the Sandman will be stripped of the ECW Championship if he does not comply.  After putting up a fuss, the Sandman allows Whipwreck to hit him about five times.  However, Woman stops him after those blows.  Poor Whipwreck botches a kiss spot, but after eventually making it work, the Sandman wears Whipwreck out with a cane as Woman moans with pleasure.  Referees get Whipwreck out of the ring under threat of stripping the Sandman of the title, but the Sandman refuses to leave the ring because he wants to cane someone else.  That angers the Public Enemy, who are supposed to face the Gangstas in a stretcher match in the next segment.  After Johnny Grunge tells the Sandman to take his ho and go, the Sandman canes him.

Brief highlights of the Public Enemy-Gangstas stretcher match are shown.  New Jack is eliminated after a Johnny Grunge flying leg drop through a table, Mustafa gets rid of Grunge by spraying him in the eyes with spray paint, and Mustafa beats rock after the Sandman runs in and canes him a bunch.  The show ends with Whipwreck getting the Sandman’s cane and walloping him over the head as the ECW crowd goes nuts.

The Last Word:  ECW packed a lot into this show, doing its best to setup its untitled show at the ECW Arena on August 26.  Fans are digging the story of an outclassed Mikey Whipwreck going toe-to-toe with the Sandman which is good news for the promotion since the Sandman has not had a good challenger since his series of matches with Cactus Jack.

Before the next week kicked off, ECW ran another card at the ECW Arena and returned to the Flagstaff in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.  Here were the results of those shows, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania – the Flagstaff – August 25, 1995 (300):    Mikey Whipwreck beat Dino Sendoff…ECW Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards defeated the Pitbulls…Ian Rotten beat Bull Pain…The Steiner Brothers defeated Dean Malenko & 2 Cold Scorpio…Tommy Dreamer beat Dudley Dudley…2 Cold Scorpio pinned Television Champion Eddie Guerrero after the Tumbleweed to win the title at 14:56.  After the match, Scorpio shook Guerrero’s hand, praised him, and told him that ECW was better than WCW.  Guerrero said that he did not discount the possibility of returning to ECW at a later date and wrestling Scorpio for the title…Johnny Grunge beat New Jack…Mustafa defeated Rocco Rock.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – the ECW Arena – August 26, 1995 (1,150):       Hack Myers beat J.T. Smith via count out…Ian Rotten pinned Bull Pain…ECW Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards beat the Pitbulls when Richards pinned Pitbull #2 after Big Dick Dudley interfered…Tommy Dreamer pinned Dudley Dudley after a suplex…Eddie Guerrero wrestled Dean Malenko to a draw in a besto-of-three falls match at 19:43.  Guerrero won the first fall with a roll up, Malenko won the second fall after Guerrero submitted to the Texas Cloverleaf, and there was a double pin from a bridge sequence for the third fall.  After the match, both men praised ECW and its fans before several members of the locker room came out and hoisted both men on their shoulders…Beulah McGillicutty pinned Francine after special guest referee Stevie Richards hit Francine with a superkick at 7:57…the Steiner Brothers defeated Chris Benoit & 2 Cold Scorpio when Scott pinned Benoit after a double-arm DDT…the Sandman & the Gangstas beat Mikey Whipwreck & the Public Enemy when Mustafa pinned Johnny Grunge.

Backstage News*:        At the ECW Arena show on August 26, Paul Heyman gave a half hour speech where he declared war on WCW.  The promotion framed Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit leaving as New Japan putting pressure on them to head to Atlanta.  Heyman announced that ECW would be keeping the Public Enemy, 911, and the Steiner Brothers, and that ECW reached a deal with AAA to have Rey Mysterio, Jr. and Psicosis wrestle on the September 16 ECW Arena card.

*According to reports, 2 Cold Scorpio had a meeting with WCW’s Kevin Sullivan to discuss a contract as WCW is hoping they can bring him in by the end of October.

*In additional talent relations news, Konnan is booked for the October 7 ECW Arena card.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for September 4.

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