Turning Point 2020

Turning Point 2020
Date: November 14, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

So this is one of Impact Wrestling’s Impact Plus specials and for once, the card actually looks pretty good. In addition to that, it seems like some things actually took place on the show and that makes it worth a watch. I won’t be doing these regularly but once in awhile can’t hurt. The company putting the whole thing up for free on YouTube helps too. Let’s get to it.

The opening video sets up the major matches, many of which are fallout from Bound For Glory. There is some stuff that has been built up since then though and the card has potential.

Eddie Edwards vs. Daivari

Daivari popped up at Bound For Glory. Edwards works on the wrist to start and then armdrags him into an armbar, so as to continue modern wrestling tradition. That works so well that he does it again before sending Daivari into the corner without much effort. A missed charge goes into the post though and Daivari bends the arm around the barricade.

Back in and Daivari works on his own armbar before sending the shoulder into the corner a few times. At least he’s mixing it up a bit. Edwards’ arm is fine enough to hit a suplex but Daivari sends him outside without much effort. That means another ram into various objects to keep Eddie in trouble again.

Daivari cranks on the arm back inside but goes up, allowing Eddie to hit the Backpack Stunner. Eddie goes up this time but gets crotched (Josh: “Eddie just looks like he’s in pain a lot of the time.”), giving us a double knockdown. Back up and the tiger driver gives Edwards two, as does Daivari’s rollup with feet on the ropes. The Boston Knee Party finishes Daivari at 11:26.

Rating: C. Eddie is good for a nice performance against anyone and Daivari has never been in better shape. This worked fine for an opening match and it’s often a good idea to have Eddie go over to start things off. There was no story coming in but it wound up working out just fine.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Rosemary/Taya Valkyrie vs. Tenille Dashwood/Jordynne Grace

Kaleb With A K handles Dashwood’s entrance as tends to be his custom. Dashwood is ready to start things off but hold on as she needs another picture. That earns her some choking in the ropes so it’s quickly off to Taya vs. Grace. They fight over wrist control until Grace runs her over for two. Taya gets her into the corner for some running hip attacks from both herself and Rosemary, the latter of whom slaps on a Muta Lock. A boot to the chest into a German suplex gets two on Grace but Dashwood tags herself in.

That means Grace’s spinebuster doesn’t give her anything but it does give Dashwood two. The low crossbody gets two more on Taya but she’s right back with a clothesline. Taya spears Grace down and there’s the….well it would have been a double tag if Dashwood hadn’t dropped to the floor for photos. Rosemary cleans house and gets the Upside Down on Grace. The Wing Clipper finishes Grace at 8:14.

Rating: C-. Not as good as the opener but completely watchable as the build towards the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament continues. Rosemary and Taya could be a good choice to make a run in the thing while Dashwood continues to be just kind of there. The “It’s All About Me” deal is only going to get her so far, but at least it’s better than having her disappear for long stretches at a time.

Cody Deaner freaks out on Cousin Jake for not being there for him, costing him a match to JOHNNY SWINGER. It’s time to redeem the Deaner name. Do we have to?

Brian Myers vs. Swoggle

Swoggle says this is his home to start but Myers wants him to lay down. That just means a running headscissors from Swoggle and Myers heads to the floor, setting up a suicide dive. Swoggle gets tripped into the steps though and has to beat the count back in. We hit the reverse chinlock and the cocky stomping is on. Myers asks if Swoggle wants some water so Swoggle comes back with some chops.

More trash talk ensues so Swoggle hits him in the face and grabs a German suplex. A cutter looks to set up the tadpole splash but Myers kicks him in the head. That earns Myers a bite to the leg and now the tadpole splash can connect for two. Myers gets in a shot to the face though and a clothesline finishes Swoggle at 8:21.

Rating: D+. This is one of those matches that is only going to go so far and they hit that limit. Swoggle is a heck of a lot more than just some comedy joke but at the same time you can only get so much out of him. Myers is better than he was before, but he still isn’t exactly someone I look forward to seeing.

Post match Myers goes after Swoggle again but Crazzy Steve chases him off.

XXXL isn’t worried about the dream team of Chris Sabin/James Storm because reality is going to look the two of them in the face. Size matters.

Chris Sabin/James Storm vs. XXXL

Fallout from XXXL attacking Sabin’s regular partner Alex Shelley. Larry isn’t having anything of Sabin’s running shoulders so Sabin kicks the knee out. A running dropkick to the back of the head allows the tag to Storm for a double clothesline. Larry gets sent sent outside for a kick to the face and a whip into the steps but it’s off to Acey anyway.

Some double teaming in the corner rocks Romero but he runs Sabin over and hits a running dropkick. It’s back to Larry for two off a Falcon Arrow with Storm having to save. Romero’s sitdown splash misses so he sits on Sabin’s back to cut off the tag attempt instead. The neck crank goes on for all of five seconds before it’s back to Larry to punch Sabin in the chest. Sabin fights out of another neck crank and gets his knees up to stop another sitdown splash, meaning the hot tag brings in Storm.

Everything breaks down and Larry is sent outside, leaving Sabin to backdrop Storm onto Romero. More dives take out XXXL again and there’s a double suplex to Larry. They try the double catchphrase and get…..Beer Guns. Eh it’s a work in progress. Larry is back up with a clothesline to Storm but Sabin enziguris him into the corner. XXXL collides though and it’s Storm’s Codebreaker, Sabin’s enziguri and the Last Call to finish Romero at 11:25.

Rating: C+. This was pure formula stuff but Sabin and Storm working so well together does make a lot of sense. They fought each other so many times during their time with their regular partners that it makes sense that they know each other this well. Not a great match or anything, but a formula tag match from two teams who worked it rather well.

The Deaners go looking for Johnny Swinger and find the loaded fanny pack…..which contains a GUN. Holy John E. Bravo connection.

X-Division Title: Rohit Raju vs. Cousin Jake

Raju is defending and this is an open challenge. Jake doesn’t take kindly to Raju mocking his size and runs him over without much trouble. A big clothesline gives Jake two but he misses a charge into the corner. What looked to be a Boss Man Slam doesn’t work and Raju hits a jumping double stomp to the back.

The Crossface attempt is blocked with raw power so Raju tries a standing armbar instead. More power gets Jake out of trouble again and there’s a running shoulder in the corner. Jake counters a tornado DDT into an over the shoulder piledriver for two but Raju is right back up with running strikes in the corner. A Cannonball is countered into a Batista Bomb for two but Raju hits back to back jumping knees for the pin to retain at 7:09.

Rating: C. I know it doesn’t matter because it’s just Impact, but Raju deserves some mention for Most Improves Wrestler of the Year. The Desi Hit Squad was an absolute joke and there to get Mahabali Shera over. Now Raju is on his own and is doing rather well, which is about 495% more than you could have ever expected. Nicely done and a heck of a success story for Impact.

Post match here are Eric Young and Joe Doering (former FCW wrestler and All Japan Triple Crown Champion) to wreck the Deaners. Well they need someone new in there so it’s fine to give him a shot.

The Good Brothers want the Tag Team Titles because they’re the only titles they haven’t won. They’ve even reinforced their mantles to hold the new belts.

TNA World Title: Willie Mack vs. Moose

Moose is defending. They waste no time in slugging it out and Moose gets low bridged to the floor. Mack follows to the apron and gets tripped down in a hurry, with Moose shouting to Rich Swann that this is what pain feels like. A whip sends Mack into the steps and Moose shouts down at him even more. Back in and Moose chokes on the rope before grabbing the chinlock.

Mack fights up so Moose hits a dropkick as Josh compares Moose’s attitude/athleticism to Brock Lesnar. That sounds extreme but….eh maybe if he continues to develop. Now it’s time to start in on the ankle and then a hard whip into the corner has Mack down again. The destruction continues until Mack avoids a charge and hits a running pump kick. The Cannonball connects in the corner but Moose pops back out with a release Rock Bottom.

One heck of a slap wakes Mack up and he hits some running clotheslines but can’t put Moose down. They trade kicks to the face but Mack is back with the swinging slam. The legdrop gets two on Moose so Mack goes up, only to get caught with a top rope superplex. Mack avoids the spear and hits the Samoan drop into the standing moonsault for two more. That doesn’t matter though as Moose hits No Jackhammer Needed and then hammers away until the referee stops it at 12:19.

Rating: C+. This was about two big guys beating the heck out of each other as Moose tries to get ready to move up to the main event scene. They had a pretty good big man power match and it’s weird to see Mack taking this kind of a beating. Moose looked like a monster here and that’s the right idea.

Post match Moose stays on Mack until the referee reverses the decision.

Eddie Edwards says he has Rich Swann’s back tonight and everything is cool.

Tag Team Titles; Good Brothers vs. The North

The North is defending. Alexander and Anderson trade wrist control to start but it’s quickly off to Gallows to take Alexander into the corner for the chops. Anderson is already back in but misses a charge into the corner, allowing Page to come in. Gallows hammers away on him as well and a slam gets two. The armbar goes on to put Page in trouble but Alexander gets in a cheap shot from the floor.

Page takes over on Anderson and stomps away so the champs can take over. Back in and Page runs Anderson over and it’s time for the alternating stomps in the corner. An assisted spinning powerbomb gets two on Anderson and he gets choked on the ropes so the North can pose. The chinlock goes on (took them long enough) as commentary goes over how many teams there are around here. Granted one of them is Reno Scum so you have to cut yourself off somewhere.

Anderson fights up without much effort and brings in Gallows to clean house. The North rapid fires strikes to Gallows’ face and the double Neutralizer gets two. Anderson is back in for the belly to back neckbreaker for two but the Magic Killer is broken up. A running kick to the face gets two on Alexander and there’s the spinebuster to Page. The Gun Stun hits Alexander and it’s the Magic Killer to Page for the pin and the titles at 12:52.

Rating: C+. You had to give the Good Brothers the titles at some point as they are treated like the biggest stars on the roster most of the time so why have them not holding the titles? I can get not wanting to wait until Hard To Kill either and this is a good way to get you more interested in seeing these specials. The North winning the titles at Bound For Glory was a surprise but they lost them here less than a month later so it was hardly a bad thing. The titles wound up where they should be so this is the right call.

Jordynne Grace freaks out on Tenille Dashwood, who laughs off the loss. Alisha comes in to yell at her as well…and Dashwood seems to think they’re partners now.

Knockouts Title: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Su Yung

Purrazzo is challenging and this is No DQ. This is a rematch from Bound For Glory when Yung was a replacement for Kylie Rae and won the title. Yung brings the weapons with her and low bridges a charging Purrazzo to the floor. The brawl starts outside with Purrazzo hammering away but charging into an elbow to the face. A Figure Four necklock goes on and Yung rolls them inside until Purrazzo slips out and grabs the ankle.

The threat of a Mandible Claw gets Purrazzo out of trouble so it’s time to bring in a bunch of weapons. The chair is wedged in the corner and Purrazzo snaps off a German suplex. Purrazzo chokes in the corner and rubs Yung’s face into….a piece of canvas, as in the kind used for a painting. They head outside with Yung’s arm being sent into the post and then wrapped around the barricade.

Yung finds a rope from somewhere but Purrazzo cuts her down with some kendo stick shots. A running boot misses though and Purrazzo goes face first into the chair in the corner. The slugout goes to Yung and it’s a bunch of cookie sheet shots to Purrazzo. They head outside again with the Pedigree onto the ramp knocking Purrazzo silly again. The Panic Switch is countered so Yung loads up the mist….but Purrazzo pulls up the canvas for the block in a smart move.

The canvas goes around Yung’s head and Purrazzo ties a chair around it as well, setting up the Venus de Milo. A lot of flailing has the referee thinking about calling it until Yung collapses. That’s good for two arm drops but Yung is right back up with the Mandible Claw. Purrazzo uses the rope to choke her way to freedom and grabs Cosa Nostra (a piledriver) to get the title back at 14:48.

Rating: B. They beat the heck out of each other here and that’s a good way to get Purrazzo back to where she should be. Yung was just a quick title change for the sake of replacing Rae and, much like the North winning the Tag Team Titles, it’s a quick reign that gets us back where we should be (given the circumstances at least). Good match too as they beat each other up until Purrazzo got the win. Yung does lose a lot, but again it wasn’t supposed to be her title in the first place.

We look at the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament brackets:

Tenille Dashwood/Alisha


Killer Kelly/Renee Michelle

Jordynne Grace/TBA

Kiera Hogan/Tasha Steelz

Sea Stars

Deonna Purrazzo/Kimber Lee

Taya Valkyrie/Rosemary

I’ve seen worse lineups.

Here’s what’s coming on Impact.

We recap Sami Callihan vs. Rich Swann for the World Title. They were friends a long time ago, with Callihan’s family taking Swann in when he lost his parents. Now Swann doesn’t want anything to do with Callihan and that’s not cool with Sami.

Impact Wrestling World Title: Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan is challenging. They shove each other in the face to start and Rich hammers away to put Sami down in the corner. Callihan pulls him into a Brock Lock though but Swann sends him outside without much trouble. Swann follows to the floor and knocks Sami around a bit, setting up the big running flip dive off the apron. Back in and Swann kicks him between the shoulders (Sami: “THANK YOU!”) but Sami gets in a shot to knock the champ off the ropes.

They head outside again with Swann tweaking his knee, meaning we hit the leglock back inside. Sami offers Swann his chin for some kicks to the face, which don’t have much effect. Swann’s headbutt doesn’t work either as Sami hits a quick Wasteland for two. Sami puts on an abdominal claw, followed by something like a standing Crossface. More shots to the face wake Swann up and he starts slugging away, setting off stereo kicks to the face.

They’re both down for a bit until they’re up at the same time, with Swann hammering away even more. A rolling splash gives Swann two but a cartwheel moonsault hits raised knees. Callihan gets two off a brainbuster and he rips out one of Swann’s dreadlocks. Swann doesn’t seem to mind and comes back with a neckbreaker. Now the cartwheel moonsault gets two but Sami catches him out of the corner, setting up a kneeling Tombstone for two more.

A piledriver onto the apron plants Swann again but he’s right back up with a handspring cutter onto the ramp. They both get back in but Sami is a bit dead. He’s also a bit faking and comes up with a clothesline, only to get kicked in the face. Swann heads up for the phoenix splash but here’s Ken Shamrock for a distraction. Cue Eddie Edwards to cut him off though and Swann hits a pair of kicks to the head. A low superkick retains the title at 20:33.

Rating: B-. I like the story they had coming into this and it made for a better story, though the drama was only so strong. They had a good enough match though and Swann gets another win under his belt. Callihan isn’t a major villain (at least on his own) around here anymore and the match was fine for a main event on a show like this.

Overall Rating: B. Yeah this worked out rather well and there wasn’t anything that was really close to bad. What we got was around a two hour and forty minute show with some good stuff and matches that actually mattered. This felt like something between a pay per view and a big time edition of Dynamite so for a free show, I’m certainly pleased. As usual, Impact does its best when it doesn’t focus as much on storytelling and that was the case again here.



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