random questions + comment

  1. Moxley vs Omega, too soon or will there be shenanigans leading to a rematch?


  1. Does AEW need more belts? I just feel they’re dying for one/two more, especially like a trios belt.


  1. I recall you mentioning once WCW went away, so did that group of fans. Is AEW bringing fans back/new fans or are they cannibalizing WWE? (I’d count myself in the fans back as I stopped watching wrestling for years)




And I’m laughing every time they do Omega’s super drawn out intros I hope they keep doing them.

1.  I suspect Kenny will be winning the title so that Moxley can go to Japan and quarantine before the  Tokyo Dome in January.  
2.  The trios belt has long been the plan and they’ve got more than enough talent to pull it off.  
3.  It’s a combination I think.