Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

We are a day after Survivor Series and what I thought was a pretty fun card with three excellent matches. Watching Roman-Drew a second time and I wonder if they gave that away too early. They could always run it back at Wrestlemania if other main event options don’t work out, but…it just felt like an epic clash that could’ve waited a little longer.

RAW is Live tonight and I am not sure how many more they have in Orlando before moving to a far better part of the state in St. Petersburg. With the word that they might have fans at the Royal Rumble I am going to try to get tickets since I love the Rumble.

Not much announced for tonight.

Bucs-Rams is YOUR Monday Night Game. I will be in attendance. Look for me in the Jalen Ramsey road jersey (he’s such a diva, I love him).

And check out this golden memory and some amazing canned crowd heat.

Keep it Clean.