Ricky Steamboat title reigns

Two part question:

1. Ricky Steamboat had two all-time classic matches that are universally respected, one with Savage and one with Flair (of many) that ended in title wins followed by benign and almost pointless short reigns. Is there another wrestler you can think of that had amazing title win matches, preferably more than one, but had those wins followed up by forgettable reigns?

2. Given the futility in his runs with those titles, and the hindsight gained from perspective of time, would the matches still be all-time classics had he not won the title in those matches? Or are the wins part of what makes them the classics they are, regardless of how nondescript he was as a champion in almost all single championship runs?

1.  Sasha Banks?  

2.  Oh for sure he needed to win the title in those matches.  It just happened that he wasn't the guy to carry the NWA title afterwards.