NJPW: World Tag League Night 4 (11.22.20)

NOVEMBER 22, 2020


– LIVE for Night 4 action from Nagano.  Super stoked for General Tekkers vs. Guerillas of Destiny in the main event.  Just about the whole field is tied at 4 points, so it would be quicker to tell you who isn’t on the leader board.  HIrooki Goto and Toru Yano have 2 points.  Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toa Henare along with Bad Luck Fale and Chase Owens have yet to get a win.  Don’t forget to check out Rick Poehling’s coverage of the Super Junior’s Night Four portion tomorrow.


Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens (0 points) vs. SANADA & Shingo Takagi (4 points)

– No Old Man Jado at ringside here.  Ironically, if BC could pic up a win here, maybe they should ditch him.  BC attacks before the bell, but it doesn’t take long for LIJ to take over control.  SANADA locks Owens in the Paradise Lock.  Fale, runs in, kicks him loose, and takes out both men.  Fale comes in to just stand on the chest of SANADA.  Between the head trauma from night 3 and tonight, SANADA has taken some abuse.  Referee tries to curb the double-teaming, but Fale intimidates him like the Undertaker.  Owens tries to Paradise Lock SANADA but can’t figure it out.  He motions for Milano to come in!  That earns half a star just for that!  SANADA uses that as enough to break free and tag out to Shingo.  Fale in and Shingo tries lifting the big bastard but has no luck.  AXE BOMBER FROM HELL drops Fale for 2.  Owens back in and toys with a downed Shingo.  Owens goes for the knee to the face but Shingo blocks it and DDTs Owens down.  SANADA back in but Owens is busy getting his shine on.  Shining Wizard on SANADA gets 2.99999!  Go To Hell Knee by Owens and lifts for the Package Piledriver.  SANADA fights it off and her comes Fale.  Vader Attack hits Owens by mistake and Shingo clotheslines him ass over tea kettle to the floor.  Roll ups by Owens and SANADA keep going back and forth until SANADA bridges out for the win @ 9:55.  (Chase Owens has always been that guy Bullet Club has buried a bit.  But this match right here shows just how good he really is.  Fale did the absolute minimum here but enough to remind us he’s there.  Great opener.  C+.)



YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (2 points) vs. Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points)

– YOSHI and Tana to begin things.  Why aren’t they a tag team and just call them Tana-HASHI?  Nothing?  Tana wrestles down YOSHI and throws an air hug to Toa, who sets it down carefully on the apron like a bouquet of flowers.  Tana works the arm over but it’s not the arm that’s taped up.  Tana is such a babyface.  Toa comes in and we gets a 2-for-1 special on a Boston Crab on YOSHI.  Goto gets a little nasty on the outside and posts Tana.  Goto tags in and hiptosses YOSHI on top of Toa for 2.  YOSHI back in, hangs Toa over the ropes and nails a delayed dropkick for 2.  Toa eventually fights him off and we get a double hot tag.  Tana nails a somersault senton on Goto for 2.  YOSHI and Toa come back in.  Superkick, GTR, diving knee combo on Toa get 2.5.  Tana breaks it up.  Spinebuster on YOSHI gets 2.5.  Toa lifts for the Urinage but its blocked.  Goto back in to tie up Toa and another superkick for Toa’s troubles.  GTR into a sitout on Toa gets Chaos the win @ 12:39.  (This match took a bit to get going.  I was hoping for more with Goto, seeing how he really hasn’t shined in the tournament so far.  I guess if your name isn’t Katsuyori Shibata, it doesn’t work for him.  Ending sequence was decent but not enough to save this match.  C-.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (4 points) vs. Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (4 points)

– Yano’s ring introduction is getting longer than Kenny Omega’s.  Ishii wants to start with EVIL but we get Yujiro in for a sneak attack.  Yujiro wasn’t banking on a hard shoulderblock by Ishii and gets his world rocked.  Yano now wants in, of course.  Yano can’t get a corner pad on the first try.  Yujiro gets played as Yano gets the other corner off.  Yujiro complains and Yano throws the pad to him.  Yano, in the meantime, takes the other pad off andblasts Yujiro with it.  Yano tries to whip Yujiro in the exposed corner but Yujiro switches directions and EVIL removes the blue pad.  Yano crashes into the corner and falls outside.  Here comes that asshole Togo with an assault on Yano.  He tosses Yano back in as EVIL covers for 2.  Yujiro tags back in for his one obligatory basement dropkick for 2.5.  Yano fights back but gets cut off with a 2md dropkick?  Yujiro giving us a bonus!  Corner shenanigans by Yano gets him free to tag Ishii.  Yujiro almost collides with EVIL on the apron as Ishii takes both men out.  Ishii is being a Stone Pitbull as he suplexes anything that isn’t nailed down.  Yujiro answers with an inverted DDT so he can tag out to EVIL.  Togo literally hits Ishii in front of the referee, turns to the crowd, and EVIL gets sent into him.  Yano back in, ducks a clothesline, EVIL eats the exposed corner, and rolls him up for 2  Yano tries to kick Yujiro low while he has the ref turned, but doesn’t suceed.  EVIL takes out Ishii at the 10 minute mark.  Yano comes back in and catapults EVIL to the corner.  Yano goes for the low blow, but Togo comes in with wire to choke Yano as the referee is held by Yujiro.  Yano with A DOUBLE LOW BLOW!  Ishii comes back in for assistance but the god damn referee is tied up with Togo.  Stereo low blows on Ishii and Yano.  EVERYTHING IS EVIL lays out Yano for the win @ 11:18.  (I understand we gotta get a little creative with Togo being out there, and Yano’s silly spots, but this becoming repetitive every night.  Tonight wasn’t the night to go back to the same well again.  C-.)



Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (4 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (4 points)

– Juice better lay off the flamboyant shit tonight because Cobb looks ready to kill someone.  Juice works the arm over early and now he’s got Finlay screaming on every high risk maneuver.  Double face plant lays out Cobb and Juice stands in front of the camera so we can’t see the pin attempt.  Khan gets tagged in and now things slow down for Finlay.  I understand working a crowd, but Juice is literally walking into every camera shot like he’s Shawn Michaels.  Finlay ducks a clothesline and gets a diving tag to Juice.  Juice off the top with a crossbody on Cobb for 2.  Khan pulls Juice outside and throws him into the guardrail.  Khan slows things way down wearing down Juice for several minutes.  Juice makes a tag but Red Shoes missed it.  Khan hangs Juice upside down and goes for a dropkick but Juice lifts at the last second to get free.  Finlay tagged in and dives on everyone, everywhere.  Back inside, Finlay takes Cobb down with a back suplex.  Spinning forearm off the second gets a 2 on Khan.  Khan ducks a clothesline and Judo throws Finlay down.  Cobb comes back in and whips Khan into Finlay in the corner.  Cobb whips Finlay into the roeps, blind tag by Juice and he dives over the top onto Cobb.  Legsweep/Mafia Kick combo gets 2.5.  Khan in, goes for the Iron Claw into a chokeslam, but Finlay counters into a Stunner.  Finlay dives off the top onto Cobb but is met with a Tour of the Islands for the win @ 15:17.  (Very impressed with the way Khan is already looking like a vet out there.  Little things, like missing Juice for a grab and kicking the ropes in frustration.  Plus he really took control of things in the ring to slow down Fin-Juice.  Match was average at best.  C.)



Guerillas of Destiny (4 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (4 points)

– Guerillas attack Taichi in the middle of his entrance!  ZSJ isn’t even out here yet!  They brawl to the entrance stage and flirt with suplexing each other off of it.  We are 3 minutes in, and Red Shoes can’t get these guys in the ring.  Momentarily, things look to settle down but we are back to brawling.  This time on the stage, they tease powerbombing ZSJ off of it, but he fights out.  Guerillas get tied up in double submissions and are freed with just enough time to get back in before getting counted out.  Finally, a wrestling match breaks out at the 7 minute mark.  Loa is selling his knee like its hurt for real.  Guerillas take turns choking out ZSJ in the corner.  He may have been the legal man for this entire match so far.  Loa has a chinlock on, but ZSJ twists until he can free himself.  He hits a spinning forearm out the corner to get the tag to Taichi.  GOD take turns with the corner charge but Taichi ducks.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Double knock down and ZSJ tags back in.  Octopus on Tama and he spins into a TKO right at the 15 minute mark.  Taichi back in to cut off Tama and PK on Tama gets 2.5.  Loa back in.  He takes out Taichi and they hit the low Magic Killer for 2.5.  Smallpackage on Tama get 2.999999999!  Gun Stun attempted but ZSJ floats it into a Cross Arm Breaker.  Tama lifts and turns and now he has a Sharpshooter!  ZSJ turns it now into a heel hook.  Tama is tapping out, but Red Shoes is busy with Old Man Jado!  ZSJ shoves him down and Tama hits a suplex.  Taichi in with the mic stand choke as Jado runs in to choke him with the kendo stick.  Light saber war breaks out with Taichi and Jado.  Loa gets in the middle and ZSJ gets caught in the crosshairs.  Tama beats him over and over with the kendo stick, grabs the referee and gets the win @ 18:54.  (This was a wild encounter.  Things really didn’t get cooking until 15 minutes in.  Finish fell flat and I was hoping for better.  C.)


Final thoughts?

– With the smaller crowd, its seems like everyone kind of took a night off.  I wanted so much more from the man event, but it was the most un-Japan like match of the night.  The constant interference is becoming something they are going to a lot.  I can understand the gripes that some Japan fans have from time to time when it comes to this.  Hell, the opener was just about the best thing to me tonight and it wasn’t even 10 minutes.  On a side note, go out of your way to find GOD’s promo in the back.  Tama lays out enough F-bombs in it to make me blush.  See you guys Tuesday from Fukushima.