Summerslam 95

So I've re-watched Summerslam 95, and I have a few questions:

1. During the Bret-Isaac Yankem match, Lawler alluded to Glen being a great wrestler in the past under assumed names?

which characters/gimmicks was he referring to?

2. Why bring Rhonda Singh into WWF as Bertha Faye and not an ass-kicking monster of a character?

3. Why did they under-utilize Hakushi?

4. Did they really believe Barry Horowitz would work as the ultimate underdog?

5. We all know Mabel was a shocking choice for King and subsequent main event with Diesel, but who should it have been?

1.  He was lying.  

2.  Because Vince.  
3.  Because Vince.  
4.  Maybe?
5.  Shawn Michaels should have been King.  They didn’t need to tie the title shot to it and could have  ran a cage match with Sid or something.