NJPW: World Tag League – Night 3 (11.19.20)

NOVEMBER 19, 2020


– Night 3 is upon us with a lot to live up to after the incredible main event from night 2.  The Tag Team Champions, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr are tied atop the standings with 4, along with EVIL and Yujiro Takahashi.


Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (0 points) vs. Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb (2 points)

– This ought to be interesting with Fale and Co…WE GOT A PRE-MATCH ATTACK!  Bullet Club comes out quickly to try and get the quick win.  Ref wants it in the ring, and Owens takes that request with a hard shove on the floor.  Why, again I ask, why do they even have officials?  2 minutes in, Fale throws Khan into the ring.  Even the fans applaud because they want it in the ring.  Khan catches Fale on a corner charge.  He screams out to signify his chops, but hits a thrust to drop Fale.  Cobb and Owens get the hot tags.  Cobb is just abusing poor Owens.  Fale breaks up a pin as it looks like it took every bit of wind to get in there in time.  Owens fights his way out and goes for a package piledriver.  Yeah that’s not happening.  Khan runs interference and Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands for the win @ 6:49.  (I don’t mind openers like this.  Fale is good in shirt spurts.  Cobb and Khan have established they don’t get aid by the hour.  Your usual New Japan opener for the night.  C-.)



David Finlay & Juice Robinson (2 points) vs. Toa Henare & HIroshi Tanahashi (0 points)

– Again, can not praise enough that performance by Henare from night 2.  This match up could be a show stealer.  Juice mocks Henare and Tana’s posing.  He gives a little nod to the Young Bucks with his posing.  Finlay and Tanahashi to get this started.  Tana’s hair isn’t braided tonight, so he may be taking it easy.  Toa comes in and takes punishment to the arm from both members of FinJuice.  Toa battles both men and dropkicks Juice low to lands headfirst into Finlay’s crotch.  Tana is in!  Dragon Screws handed out like extra ballots in the United States!  Allegedly.  Juice catches Tana in a spinebuster.  Juice has a face full of blood, possible broken nose.  Toa stops interference from Finlay and tags in.  Toa is a house of fire with Samoan drops.  Finlay tries to fight out a suplex, but Toa powers him up twice be dropping him.  Very impressive looking.  Spinning roundhouse knocks Finlay down for 2.5.  Toa hits a spear and covers but broken up by Juice.  Slingblade by Tana on Finlay.  Juice battles back and cradles Toa for 2.9.  Tana a little late getting in to break it up.  They dump Tana and hit the Doomsday Device on Toa for the win @ 11:18.  (With FinJuice having to play heels tonight, they slowed it down tremendously and worked a good match.  Toa is shining bright since the opening night.  Tana is doing his part as the vet letting his younger partner shine.  C+.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (4 points) vs. Guerillas of Destiny (2 points)

– This could get very interesting with Dick Togo AND Jado on the outside.  I still don’t trust that god damn Togo as long as I could throw him.  What’s the Too Sweet etiquette here?  6 way TOO SWEEEEEEEEET!  Oh, EVIL and Yujiro try to boot them low before the bell but get caught.  Tama is choking the shit out of Yujiro.  Slam and a quick cover gets 2.  Loa in and hits 1 of 3 amigos followed by a sitout for 2.  GOD is so crisp with their double teams, its almost embarrassing.  Yujiro catches Tama with a Hot Shot and he hits waist high and goes over the ropes.  EVIL takes turns whipping both men into the guardrail.  Old Man Jado even knows this is bullshit and steps in between his men.  Togo backs away.  Back inside, Yujiro works over Tama, but Tama fights free to make the hot tag.  Loa hits a bridging German for 2.  Inverted Magic Killer gets 2.  EVIL breaks up things and grabs the referee so Dick Togo can come IN THE RING to choke out Loa.  OLD MAN JADO IN WITH THE KENDO STICK TO  TOGO!  Magic Killer on EVIL!  Yujiro back in and hits a delayed suplex on Loa, followed by a dive!  Where did this Yujiro come from?????  Yujiro hits the ropes and Jado hits him in the back with the cane.  Crossface by Loa and Yujiro taps @ 8:36.  (Maybe it was the match up.  Maybe it was the fact that we had Jado and Togo on the outside.  But it all came together well.  And how about Yujiro wearing his working boots tonight?  C+.)



Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii (2 points) vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (2 points)

– This should be  fun one.  Chaos all over your face and television here.  Yano sprays Red Shoe’s hands before the bell.  He’s doing his part.  Yano and Goto to kick it off.  Clean break by Yano as Goto nods towards him like “I’m watching you”.  Yano rakes the eyes but gets shoulderblocked down.  Yano takes off the corner pad as YOSHI gets in his face on the apron.  YOSHI tagged in we get a double clubberin’ on the back of Yano.  Now the same for Ishii.  Yano has had enough and takes them out with some hard shots with the corner pad.  At least they sold it like that.  YOSHI whipped hard into the exposed corner and Ishii comes in.  YOSHI tries to fire up but Ishii isn’t buying what he’s selling.  Now that it’s safe, Yano comes back in.  YOSHI ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own.  Goto gets the hot tag and take out both men.  Bulldog on Yano gets 2.  Yano hits the exposed corner but comes out with a hair takedown on Goto.  Ishii versus Goto now with forearms a’ plenty on both sides.  YOSHI comes in after Goto hits a spinning clothesline.  YOSHI finally gets the best of Ishii in a chop war.  Neckbreaker gets 2.  If Ishii had a neck, it would have to be sore from all these chops.  Yano comes back in, now topless.  Goto comes in to fight him off.  GTR on Ishii and a diving kick gets 2.  Yano comes back in and the hit him with a neckbreaker over the knee.  They grabs Ishii for a GTR double team.  YOSHI hits the ropes but Yano grabs the leg.  He tries to slingshot YOSHI into the corner but YOSHI blocks it.  They ground YOSHI and Ishii hits the basement clothesline for 2.  YOSHI on his 23rd comeback and hits a Snow Plow for 2.999999999!  YOSHI gets guillotined on the top rope by Yano but he’s able to avoid Ishii.  Ishii hits the Axe Bomber for 2.5.  Delayed Brain Buster by Ishii finally gets them the win @ 15:08.  (This match had a balance of every guy getting to do a little bit of his own things and they tied it all together pretty damn good.  They didn’t go overboard with the Yano spots and YOSHI got a lot of shine here.  Ishii took a lot of abuse in the chops department.  I’d love to see a strike breakdown of that match for how many times YOSHI chopped him.  B-.)



SANADA & Shingo Takagi (2 points) vs. Taichi & Zack Sabre Jr. (4 points)

– I hope I can give this match its just due.  This thing is going to be nuts.  Champions attack before the bell.  SANADA ends that quickly and tags in Shingo.  Quick tag back in to SANADA who whiits ZSJ off but gets tied up in a brief Octopus hold.  Taichi has seen enough and attacks SANADA on the floor.  Taichi gets bored choking SANADA and throws him back in.  The next minute can best be described as them taking turns literally standing on his head.  Taichi cleverly hides a choke and yells at Red Shoes to count a pinfall.  For once, Red Shoes catches the illegal activity.  That doesn’t stop Taichi from doing it again.  SANADA fires up but gets choked in the corner while ZSJ takes out Takagi.  Corner enziguiri by Taichi gets 2.  SANADA fights back and we get stereo hot tags.  Takagi traps the leg in the cornera nd delivers kicks to ZSJ.  ZSJ returns with a head and arm submission but Shingo lifts him into a delayed suplex.  ZSJ bounces back rather quick and kicks the arm.  Shingo fights back with a stiff DDT.  Basement clothesline is countered by an armbar.  Shingo fights through with a Death Valley Driver.  SANADA tags in at the 10 minute mark.  Dragon Screw on ZSJ.  ZSJ rolls outside and SANADA slingshots out on top of him.  Back in, cover gets 2.  Paradise Lock attempted but ZSJ counters with a roll up for 2.  Taichi back in and chokes SANADA.  He dropkicks out and tags in Shingo.  Both men double team Taichi.  Shingo with the lifting backslide and SANADA faceplants him down for 2.  ZSJ runs in and SANADA takes him to the outside.  Dragon Sleepers traded by every man in the match.  Dueling sleepers now applied by LIJ.  Now the Tekkers reverse for stereo submissions.  LIJ make the ropes at the 15 minute mark.  Taichi lifts Shingo for a piledriver but Shingo dead weights it into a backdrop.  SANADA runs in with a slingshot Crossrhodes on ZSJ.  Taichi drops Shingo and all 4 men are down.  Taichi and Shingo collide with clotheslines.  Shingo tries to fight for the upper hand but Taichi lands the Axe Bomber.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Shingo with a leg roll up while Taichi is caught napping for 2.99999999!  Shingo charges into boot.  The battle for position on lifts and Taichi drops him with a falling powerbomb for 2.  Leg roll now by Taichi gets 2.9999999999!  They set up for  double team but SANADA runs interference.  Swinging Dragon Sleeper by SANADA and he throws Taichi into Shingo for Made in Japan for the win @ 20:38!  (Another fantastic main event.  Another incredible showing by the Tekkers, two nights in a row.  These 4 work so well together, they could probably go another 10 minutes in their sleep and not let up.  We at least will get this match once more since the champs took a loss.  B+.)


Final thoughts?

– As much as I praise GOD every night, I’m still awaiting their break out match that defines them in this tournament.  They are the logical choice for me as the team to get the January 4 shot.  The semi-main event with Chaos was a great match and really impressive showing by all 4 involved.  Then you have the main event where it was going to be hard to fuck up having a decent match.  We have a short break until Sunday, but we get The Dangerous Tekkers vs. Guerillas of Destiny as the headliner!  See you then!