Would an ECW Invasion have saved WCW?

By mid 99 WCW was in serious trouble and of course their woes got a bit worse month by month. If Paul Heyman sold ECW to WCW would an ECW Invasion have saved WCW at any point during their dying days? I mean don't just treat it like another nWo or the New Blood,
have the ECW guys have their distinct personalities and for a little while at least have them wrestling their extreme style. It'd be something new and flashy and I'd have to think at least RVD would get over
like rover (just like he ended up doing in the actual
“Invasion”). Hell maybe a correctly pushed RVD alone would be enough to buy WCW some more time? What do you think? 

It doesn't matter what WCW did or who they had or what their ratings were, they were dead in March 2001 no matter what because TNT wanted them off the stations and off the books.  It wasn't related to anything connected to the business and couldn't have been prevented.