PRIME TIME Thursday: November 19, 2020

“Hello, wrestling fans, and welcome to Prime Time Thursday.  I’m Gorilla Monsoon, and… unfortunately, there’s no sign of the Brain as we begin our program.  He was supposed to come back from going on location for our Thanksgiving fundraiser next week.  We’re currently making sure…”

*phone on the desk rings*

“Well, this may be our answer right now.  Hello?”

“Bobby?  Is that you?”

“Where are you?”

“Oh, sorry, I’ll be quieter.  Where are you?’

“Las Vegas?  Is that a good place for the fundraiser?”

“What do you mean, you’re not there to scout?”

“Oh, he did invite you along, did he?  I suppose you had a good time spending Max’s money.”

“Don’t recall?  What did you have to drink?”

“But how much bubbly?”

“The whole bottle!?”

“…Brain, that’s not a description of its alcohol content; that’s a catchphrase!”

“Okay, what else happened?”

“Yeah, we saw.  Those two were disposing of the civilians like yesterday’s garbage.”

“…oh, you did, did you?  And how many did you get out?”

“Well, that’s an exaggeration if ever I heard one.  So what happened next?”

“…uh-huh… yeah… and what do you need me for?”

“Brain, you made a $900,000 profit on Andre’s contract; I’m sure you can afford bail money!”

“Fine — I’ll put you through to President Tunney; he should be able to– hello?  Brain?  You there?”

“Ha!  Looks like he’d rather spend time with some of Nevada’s finest than talk to our esteemed President.  Folks, let’s go to the ring for our feature bout, and if you’re a fan of action from the Land of the Rising Sun, this one’s for you.  Juice Robinson heads to the States to show off his skills against a top ranked jiu jitsu competitor in Dominic Garrini.  It’s wrestling vs the martial arts — let’s see who gets the duke!”

(Bring the insanity!)