Nia Jax and nepotism

Outside of HOLY S--- SHE”S RELATED TO THE ROCK, why is Nia Jax still around?  She’s an awful worker, injures wrestlers and is completely unsafe, has nepotism benefitted her better than anyone else in wrestling, anyone else in her position would’ve either been sent back to the PC or released outright, she’s worse than Dino Bravo, yeah I went there
Christ man, do you want to get me killed making claims like that?  I can barely walk down the street for the past two days without someone taking a swing at me because I dared make a joke that someone might be worse than Dino Bravo.  But the evidence is there, 400 pages of sworn affidavits that Joey Marella is indeed worse than Dino Bravo, which my legal team will present at Madison Square Garden Supply Store tomorrow at 12pm EST and we will RELEASE THE KRAKEN!  
Wait, sorry, what was the question again?