Marty janetty in 94

When 123 Kid & Janetty won the belts from the Quebecers in January 94, i was PUMPED!! One, because as a kid those 2 teaming up was awesome, and two, i would get Kid/janetty vs. hart Brothers at the Rumble!!!  But alas, quick change back to Quebecers. Oh well.

Looking back now, how reliable/unreliable was Janetty at this time?  Was there any firings/gaps in the timeline, because he made it to Survivor Series 95.  If he stayed focus, the possibilities i've come up with is Kidd/Janetty beat Quebecers on RAW, successfully defend in a barn burner against the Harts as that storyline plays out the same, I'd say defend and defeat the Quebecers in a rematch at WM10 (anything but MOM), and they are the team that loses the titles to Micheals & Diesel in another great match, either on tv before summerslam or at Summerslam.  But now i've jepordized the Razor win and would they still open with IRS/Bigelow vs. Shrinkers?  Help me please,  i'm an American and i don't know if you'll let me back in even after a vaccine, and i don't blame you. 

Wow, we've reached the point of fantasy booking Marty Jannetty in 1994.