Wednesday Night War Thread!


AEW presents those rapscallions from the Inner Circle off having shenanigans and tomfoolery and other assorted malarkey in Las Vegas, and I’m sure they’ll be up to no good as well.

NXT has Cameron Grimes v. Dexter Lumis in a blindfold match, which is a staggering coincidence because blindfolded is exactly how I love to watch Dexter Loomis matches.  Also Johnny Wrestling gets his rematch for the North American title with whoever that other guy is.

Meanwhile, my year and a half old joke about Joey Marella being the WORST has set off a firestorm of accusations of misconduct and fraud against me, but don’t worry, I’ve got 254 pages of sworn affidavits from witnesses and other well-wishers swearing under penalty of perjury that JOEY MARELLA WAS THE WORST.  I can’t actually show you the documents in court, but I can assure you that a certain gimmick poster who really hates Dino Bravo even sent one in.  Details on Fox News later tonight.  But not actually in court.  I can’t stress that enough.

Have an adequate evening!