The Yang-SAG Connection


So I know the argument against wrestling ever developing any kind of labor solidarity is that 1) Vince would never let it happen, and 2) not enough of the boys/girls would be willing to stick their necks out to get there.

But in the wake of Zelina Vega getting canned, tweeting out that she supports unions, and a national politician as well as the president of the Screen Actors Guild seemingly very interested in furthering her cause – could the potent combination of the federal government AND the Hollywood elite be enough to finally even slightly loosen Vince's deathgrip on his talent's lives and fortunes? And factor in a company like AEW that seems much more progressive in some of its policies regarding treatment of talent – are we nearing any kind of shift in the classification and treatment of wrestling talent?

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Here’s how the process goes:
1.  Yang and SAG come in and force unionization on WWE.  
2.  Vince immediately fires anyone who takes part. 
3.  Vince calls up any Indy guys willing to work as scabs for RAW and Smackdown, makes one of them champion, continues laughing all the way to the bank.