NJPW: World Tag League 2020 Night 2 (11.16.20)

NOVEMBER 16, 2020


– Tonight is a quick turn around from the opening night of action.  A few upsets and a few surprises.  Then we head into a 3 day break after today’s action.  And from the looks of things, some guys already need it.


Guerillas of Destiny (0 points) vs. Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale (0 points)

– It’s a 5 way Too Sweeeeeeet before the bell as well as Tama attacking Owens.  Owens bails but gets chased back in my Old Man Jado.  Owens quickly rolls back in a double leg takedown on Tama and punches away.  Tama DDT’s him down for 2 and tags in Loa.  Flatliner into a crossfacae on Owens, and Fale comes in to break it up.  Hot tag to Fale and he walks into forearms from Loa.  Loa can’t drop him so he stomps his toe.  This just angers Fale as he beats Loa down in the corner.  Old Man Jado is on the apron and Fale gets a hand full of beard.  GOD cut him off and drop him.  Owens back in with a shining wizard for 2.  Tama attempt a Gum Stun buts it’s blocked.  Sharpshooter on Owens, and he taps out @ 10:13.  (That finish came out of nowhere.  GOD looks to be back in the thick of things with the win.  But match was kind of in the middle.  Fale’s time off has not done him any favors.  C-.)



Great O’Khan & Jeff Cobb (2 points) vs. YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto (0 points)

– YOSHI and Cobb to begin.  Cobb tries to over-power him.  YOSHI fights back and they exchange forearms.  YOSHI thinks he has things under control and charges but gets Laid out by a shoulderblock.  Khan tags in and they miss a corner charge.  Goto in and hiptosses YOSHI on top of Khan for 2.  YOSHI charges into a judo throw into a head and arm submission.  YOSHI makes the ropes and Cobb tags in.  He hits several back breakers on YOSHI and just tags out to Khan.  I like the primal scream Khan lets out as he chops people.  Cobb comes back in to toy with YOSHI but eats an enziguiri.  Goto tags in and is laying some heavy clotheslines in the corner on Cobb.  GTR attempted but Cobb tags out to Khan.  Goto hung upside down in a Tree of Woe.  Khan screams, and nails a diving dropkick to the face.  Goto struggles to get up after several Mongolian chops but finally clotheslines Khan down.  Now all 4 men in the ring as Cobb LIFTS BOTH MEN into a modified pumphandle suplex.  Cobb and Khan take turns suplexing Goto.  YOSHI comes in an superkicks Khan, roll up by Goto for the win @ 13:41.  (I gotta consider this an upset of sorts after the way Khan and Cobb dominated in the first night.  This match showcased how they could work and they make a great team.  Really impressed with Khan’s work initially.  YOSHI couldn’t match the magic of his first night, but maybe he took the night off due to the smaller crowd.  Still a decent match.  C.)



Yujiro Takahashi & EVIL (2 points) vs. David Finlay & Juice Robinson (2 points)

– Referee is extra thorough checking Juice before the bell.  He needs to check all of Dick Togo’s pockets instead.  Juice and Finlay exchange chances to work over Yujiro and make a lot of annoying voices while doing so.  Togo baits Finlay on the outside and EVIL destroys him with a lariat!  Time keeper’s table and announcer get some shrapnel from the exchange and it looks like a war zone.  Even the ref isn’t paying attention to what is happening in the ring.  Hard whip to the corner, but there’s no corner pad and you can blame Togo.  I’m sure he was involved.  5 minutes in, and Finlay is finally able to tag out.  JUICE punches times 5 and into a DDT.  EVIL comes in and Juice lays him out.  Standing senton RIGHT IN FRONT OF TOGO!  Juice is an asshole for that.  Yujiro rakes the eyes to break free and hits his one low dropkick of the night.  EVIL tries to cut off Juice but Juice is able to make a diving tag like he’s been beaten down for 15 minutes.  Finlay is diving everywhere on the outside.  Togo wants no part of it when threatened.  Juice tags back in, fresh as a daisy about 30 seconds later.  They attempt the Russian Legsweep/ Kick combo but Yujiro thrwarts that plan.  Juice hits the exposed corner but by the time I type that, he’s already back up hitting double teams.  Finlay hands out Stunners like early Christmas cards.  Even one for Togo!  Low blow by EVIL because, well, you know.  EVERYTHING IS EVIL for Finlay for the win @ 12″09.  (This was an average tag with literally every guy plugging in their highspots from night one.  Juice sold absolutely zero and could have improved things by slowing down a tad.  C-.)



Toru Yano & Tomihiro Ishii (2 points0 vs. SANADA & Shingo Takagi (0 points)

– Hopefully LIJ is going to fall victim to every Yano tournament early run ever here.  Yano is calling out SANADA to start.  How SANADA can keep a stone cold face with Yano, I have no clue.  Yano already has a corner pad but SANADA dropkicks it into his face.  Yano rakes the eyes and double leg takes him down.  He tries to figure out the Paradise Lock and gets frustrated.  SANADA shows him the proper way and Yano is face down, ass up.  Ishii runs in and they beat him down while Yano remains tied up.  SANADA hits Yano in the ass with the corner pad and it knocks him free.  They roll outside and Yano wraps the apron around SANADA and almost wins via count out.  SANADA slides in at 19.  Ishiii has seen enough and tags in to make things a little more serious.  Now that SANADA is down, Yano wants back in for some more.  Yano hits a hiptoss for 2.  That was too much for him and he tags Ishii back in.  A little miscommunication on a lariat and dropkick spot but Shingo is tagged in.  SHINGO TAKAGI HAS HIS WORKING SHOES ON TONIGHT!  Well the flurry didn’t last very long as Ishii has enough of the shit and they trade forearms.  Yano pulls Takagi down on the rope and into a German suplex by Ishii.  If you can’t tell by the exchange between Shingo and Ishii, I would say its a safe bet they could be seeing each other in January.  SANADA back in with a Dragon Sleeper but Ishiii hits the brain buster to counter.  Diving tag to Yano who is still obsessed with throwing SANADA into the corner.  SANADA with a rolling cradle…and rolling and rolling and lots of rolling.  Finally a cover for 2.  Yano up quick and catapults him into the corner.  All 4 men now in and its complete madness.  Where is Red Shoes?  Standing on the ropes to stat away from the illegal activity.  The fucking worst.  Yano and SANADA now trade roll ups for near falls.  Finally SANADA rolls him up and bridges out for the win @ 12:24.  (Safely this match was most entertaining of the night so far.  Shingo and Ishii is going to be something special to watch soon.  Yano and SANADA works so well together, as they play off each other’s strengths.  C+.)



Toa Henare & Hiroshi Tanahashi (0 points) vs. Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi (2 points)

– This being the main event, and judging by the performances from night one, hopefully Tanahashi feels like working for a bit tonight.  Tanahashi has some sort of card in the ring, the announcer makes some sort of announcement, and the fans applaud.  I apologize for not being up on my Japanese, but maybe someone can clarify what was said.  Toa and Tanahashi quickly gain the advantage and tie the tag champions in stereo single leg crabs.  Taichi soon gets Tanahashi on the outside and abuses his leg against the guardrail.  He almost takes a count out because he loses track of time while having fun.  ZSJ comes in just to tie up the leg, while standing, and Taichi chokes Tanahashi.  7 mihutes in, and the writing is kind of on the wall as to what is going to happen here.  Tanahashi finally makes the ropes, but the Ace can barely stand to fire up.  He manages to hit the dragonscrew, but ZSJ runs in to take out Toa.  Tanahashi dragonscrews his leg and now Toa is in.  Toa gets his shine on and Samoan drops Taichi for 2.  He goes to spear but Taichi rakes his eyes.  Corner enziguiri on Toa at the 10 minute mark.  No one for either man to tag, so they trade hard shots.  Toa finally knocks him down to try ot get the tag.  ZSJ pulls Tanahashi off the apron and applies the ankle lock on the floor.  ZSJ runs back in quickly to assist in a double kick to the head.  Cover gets 2.  THE PANTS ARE OFF!  Taichi measures, but Toa fights him off.  ZSJ runs in to attack but Tanahashi has a second life and is dropping bodies.  Toa is slow to his feet but hit an Axe Bomber on Taichi.  He goes to lift him but gets trapped in head and arm submission.  ZSJ locks in a leglock submission on Tanahashi.  Toa struggles, but makes the ropes.  On the floor, Tanahashi throws ZSJ into the guardrail.  Taichi, inside, lifts for a piledriver, but Toa backdrops him out.  Taichi is up first and dodges kicks so that he can connect with a diving tackle.  Tanahashi is back in but ZSJ traps him against the ropes.  Tombstone, superkick, and sit out from ZSJ on Tanahashi.  Taichi side steps and drops Toa for 2.5.  Taichi measures but is lifted into a Urinage for 2.5!  Toa tries for it again, but ZSJ nails him from behind.  Lifting cradle DDT with a ZSJ assist give Suzuki Gun the win @ 19:37!  (WOOOO!  That was a fucking incredible match!  On paper, I would not give Toa much of a shot to shine like he did.  But he delivered and carried the work load while Tanahashi did he job perfectly.  Taichi and ZSJ are just getting too good the more they team together.  Cannot say enough great things about this match and I know I’ll catch shit for rating it too high.  A-.)


Final thoughts?

-First half of this show was not that great.  Bullet Club facing each other so there is only so much that can be done there.  O-Khan and Cobb taking an early loss after dominating the first night was a let down.  Fin-Juice wrestled almost the same match as the first night.  Now Chaos vs. LIJ was good in the sense that it was entertaining.  But that last match is one you should take the time to watch.  Especially seeing how Toa didn’t rush and sold like he wasn’t giving up.