Lex Luger…underrated?

I always read about how Luger was a flop, an underachiever, “rightfully forgotten” etc. I mean the guy was never a great worker by any means but he was easily better than the likes of Ultimate Warrior for example. And how is the guy a flop or an underachiever

-Was WHITE hot throughout 1997 as a defender of WCW against the nWo. He was only behind Sting in popularity that year in WCW i'd say and during their hottest period no less.

-It's not like 97 was the only time he was over. As a Face or Heel the guy was always over in WCW from his debut to his exit in 92. He was over as a Heel in 95 and then later as a tweener turned face in 96. And he was REALLY over as a member of the wolfpac
in 98. Now come mid 99 his reactions pretty much died, face or heel, but to be fair most WCW guys stopped being over halfway through 99.

-Several time world champion. One of which was a CLEAN victory over Hogan during the nWo stronghold days. In fact Luger made Hogan his bitch multiple times in 97. Also a slew of other championships including an incredible US title run.

-Top of the card feuds and wins over the likes of like Hogan, Sting, Flair, Savage, Nash, DDP, Whindham, Hart and others. He was a main eventer at one point in the WWF as well.

-First one to slam Yoco.

-Co winner of a Royal Rumble

-A part of one of the more interesting tag angles with Sting, where Sting was a clear babyface and Luger bounced back and forth between Face, Heel and Tweener. That sorta dynamic was extremely unique at the time and hasn't really been tried (to success anyways)
since and his natural charisma and ability to go back and forth between getting face and heel reactions was a part of that.

-Member of the 4 Horsemen when they were dominant.

-Made huge impact on the very first Nitro.

-A number of genuienly GOOD matches from a workrate perspective with guys like Steamboat, Whindham, Flair, Mutah, Pillman, Steiners etc.

I could probably go on. I feel Luger gets largely under appreciated for his contributions to the world of wrestling.

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Anyway, he should have been way more.  WAY more.