Daily News Update – November 17, 2020

Day 2 since I’ve been awakened to the Great Reset that is about to happen thanks to the combined efforts of Satan, the globalist elite, and Justin Trudeau.  Also 5G towers are somehow involved.  Luckily we don’t have any of them in Saskatchewan yet, so I’m apparently safe from forced communism as long as I don’t get any flu shots or vaccinations, I guess?  I feel like I need John Nash from A Beautiful Mind to break this stuff down for me properly.  Anyway, the idea that these governments, who can barely get together long enough to decide what to have for lunch without having it go through committee hearings for three months first, are somehow coordinated enough to manufacture a fake virus, is hours of entertainment for me.  I fucking WISH that this virus was fake and we could all go back to our blissful existence of buying shit and wasting our money on live sporting events and movies.


Where Has Brodie Lee Been?


Screen Actors Guild President Reaches Out To Zelina Vega



Also this is pretty awesome news…