Few NJPW Questions

Hey Scott.

Two months ago I checked out NJPW for the first time (being
a rasslin’ fan for nearly 30 years now). I’m not going to say it’s 100%
perfect, but I’m certainly a fan. I do have some questions about their history.

1. I’ve heard commentators mention Wrestlemanias, ECW, and
even a UFC card from a few nights ago. Are they just not that uptight at mentioning
other organizations? Do they view WWE as competition? 

2. All the matches- that I’ve seen so far- have ended in a
pin or submission. Is there any history of guys having issues doing jobs?

3. Have they had to deal with someone on the level of a mid
90’s HBK (basically someone who is a pain in the ass) or a master politician on
the level of a Hogan/HHH?

4. Outside of the pandemic, how successful are they as a

Thank you so much for answering my questions!

1.  Yes, but not in the same sense Vince views competition.  They view them as a competitor with fans that can be won over, rather than trying to destroy the other guy.  
2.  Nope.  Well, Inoki.  But he owned the company so he’s an exception.  Otherwise, absolutely not.  
3.  See number 2.  
4.  Extremely.  In Japan.  In the US, they have a questionable record.