Impact Wrestling – November 10, 2020

Impact Wrestling
Date: November 10, 2020
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

We’re on the way to Turning Point, which is actually looking like a pretty stacked card for an Impact Plus special. That means we still have a long way to Hard To Kill though and they are going to need something big to get us there. Tommy Dreamer in a deerstalker hat and Rich Swann vs. a new evil alliance will have to do. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Tenille Dashwood/Madison Rayne vs. Havok/Nevaeh

Kaleb With A K handles Dashwood’s intro and Josh is alone on commentary this time. Madison and Nevaeh go with some grappling to start with Madison grabbing some armdrags to little avail. A clothesline gives Nevaeh two so it’s already off to Dashwood for a change. Some standing switches don’t go anywhere so Dashwood sweeps the leg to take over, meaning it’s off to Havok for a change.

Dashwood starts panicking so she goes with the “jump on the giant’s back” strategy, which works as well as usual. It’s back to Madison, who gets caught in a backbreaker/running clothesline combination for two. Madison’s choking fails and the CrossRayne is countered into a Tombstone to give Havok the pin at 5:04.

Rating: D+. You would initially think that Madison and Tenille would have been a heck of a team but this was more designed to make Havok and Nevaeh look dominant. That’s how it should have gone too, as they have history as a team and Dashwood is not likely to be the most caring and selfless person. It makes sense when you think about it and that’s nice to see.

Here’s what’s coming at Turning Point and tonight.

The Good Brothers are ready to win the Tag Team Titles at Turning Point but tonight, Karl Anderson is ready to beat up Josh Alexander. Ethan Page comes in for some northern glaring.

Tommy Dreamer interrogates Larry D. about shooting John E. Bravo but can’t get anywhere, even with his lie detector. Cody Deaner takes Larry’s place and insists that he didn’t shoot Bravo either, despite being rather mad at him. This could take awhile.

X-Division Title: TJP vs. Rohit Raju

TJP is challenging and this is his last shot. They start before the bell with TJP hitting a baseball slide and snapping off a suplex on the ramp. Back in and the bell rings with TJP stomping on the champ’s legs. Raju is back up with some choking in the corner before pulling the referee in front of him for a shield.

That’s enough to take us to a break and we come back with Raju hitting a pair of kicks for two. Raju starts in on the arm before hitting his own suplex for two more. It’s back to the arm as Madison lists off her accomplishments to show she knows what it’s like to be a target. The armbar goes on until TJP blocks a front suplex and grabs a tornado DDT. TJP grabs a surfboard for a bit but Raju catches him on top.

That means it’s time for the Tree of Woe but TJP pulls himself up to throw him back down. Raju can’t get a Crossface so TJP grabs a double chickenwing into a pair of knees to the chest. The Mamba Splash misses though and now the Crossface goes on, only to have TJP quickly reverse into the kneebar. Raju crawls for the corner but settles for the title, which has to be taken away. That’s enough for Raju to hit a low blow and a running knee to the head retains the title at 12:57.

Rating: C. Raju is starting to be a rather pesky champion and that’s a good thing. He came off well here as the champion in way over his head against someone as talented as TJP but then stole the win anyway. Raju is better on the mic and in character stuff, but he’s hanging in there well enough in the ring to make it work.

Fallah Bahh hides Hernandez’s money again when Hernandez comes in to yell at him. Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan of all people come in to defend Bahh and Hernandez leaves. Hogan distracts Bahh and Steelz takes the money, replacing it with a roll of tape. The girls leave and Bahh thinks the tape is the money, because he’s not that bright.

We go to the Tree House where the Rascalz have received… eviction notice! They haven’t paid rent in two years. Wentz: “IT’S A TREE!” They have to leave in a week, which commentary says means they’re out of Impact Wrestling.

Chris Sabin vs. Acey Romero

Acey jumps him to start and sends Sabin outside for a beating from Larry D. Back in and a hard whip into the corner makes things worse for Sabin and the dropkicks to Acey’s legs don’t do much good. The neck crank doesn’t last long so Acey drives him into the corner again without much trouble. The big elbow misses though and Sabin gets a boot up in the corner for a breather. Sabin hits a dive to the floor to take both of them down, followed by a high crossbody for two back inside. A running enziguri rocks Acey and a second one is good for the pin at 6:21.

Rating: C-. That could have been a lot worse as Sabin is the kind of old pro you need to get something out of a monster like Romero. It was nothing out of the ordinary and points for having the Guns (or at least half of them) trying to make something out of XXXL. The big guys aren’t exactly the kind of team who are going to reinvent the wheel so whatever you can get out of them is a bonus.

Post match Larry comes in for the double team and Sabin is left laying.

Sami Callihan sits next to Chris Bey (Sami: “Can I call you Christopher?” Bey: “Nah.”) and praises all of his talents. Bey is willing to listen.

James Mitchell says he gets that it makes perfect sense for him to attack Bravo, but he wouldn’t waste that pure virgin blood. Dreamer’s lie detector detects lies, but Mitchell says it runs through his veins. Mitchell knows who does it and is willing to tell Dreamer. Couldn’t he have saved himself a lot of trouble by saying this earlier?

Chris Bey vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie starts with a heck of a chop but Bey flips out of a few things and snaps off a headscissors into a standoff. An atomic drop into a belly to belly has Bey in trouble but Bey kicks the leg out. A running backsplash hits Eddie and there’s a spinwheel kick to give Bey two. Eddie fights back up with the rapid fire chops in the corner but the tiger driver is countered into a hurricanrana. Bey tries a springboard cutter but gets pulled into a rollup for the surprise pin at 4:57.

Rating: C. What we got was good but I was hoping for/expecting a bit more from these two. They seem like they could have a heck of a match if they were given a chance with some more time but maybe this is just a tease. If nothing else, I’d rather see these two again instead of another Eddie vs. Sami Callihan match.

Post match Bey grabs a chair but the lights go out and it’s Sami Callihan jumping Eddie from behind with a baseball bat. Rich Swann runs in for the save. Cue Ken Shamrock to jump Swann though, with Bey chairing Eddie down as well. Sami loads up the chair over Swann’s face but the Rascalz make the save.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With A K ask Jordynne Grace about being partners. Well Kaleb With A K does but Grace wants to hear it from Dashwood herself. She mumbles the offer before finally asking, with the match being set for Turning Point but not for the tournament.

Rich Swann thanks the Rascalz and a match is set for next week with Trey/Swann vs. Dezmond/Wentz in the Rascalz’ farewell.

Flashback Moment of the Week: The British Invasion b. Beer Money and Motor City Machine Guns to retain the Tag Team Titles.

Deonna Purrazzo, in some big sunglasses, is ready for a No DQ match against Su Yung at Turning Point because she’s a virtuosa. That means she will win the Knockouts Title back….and then Kimber Lee disappears. She appears behind a door, with the message “I THINK UR ALONE NOW” written on the window. I’m not entirely sure who said it because there doesn’t seem to be anyone around but I think you get the hint.

James Mitchell tells Dreamer to trust him but Dreamer has to investigate this himself. Havok comes in to take Mitchell’s place, who admits that she didn’t want to bring Mitchell back. That must have made her mad. Maybe mad enough to shoot John E. Bravo. She says Dreamer should be asking Rosemary about this but he asks her instead. And it’s to be continued.

Reno Scum vs. Fallah Bahh/Crazzy Steve

Luster and Bahh grab a headlock to start with Bahh running him over with a crossbody. Thornstowe comes in to dropkick Steve and a standing moonsault gets two. There’s the Pit Stop and even Madison thinks that’s too far. Steve gets over for the hot tag to Bahh without any further issues and it’s time to clean house. A Samoan drop gets two on Thornstowe but Bahh misses the Banzai Drop. Luster comes in for a low superkick and the top rope curb stomp is good for the pin at 3:47.

Rating: D. Insert all of my usual complaints about Reno Scum being boring and that is about all there is to say about them. Bahh and Steve are kind of a random team but it is better than watching the same Bahh Steals Hernandez’s Money stuff deal. The match came and went, which is about as high praise as I’m giving Reno Scum.

Chris Sabin asks someone to be his partner against XXXL. He’ll even throw in a beer. The guy says yes and….it’s James Storm. Well that’s an upgrade. Sabin isn’t sure on the beer though.

Willie Mack has a bruised larynx but he’s cleared to wrestle. Moose runs in for a beatdown but Mack hits him in the throat and says he’ll see him at Turning Point.

Turning Point rundown. I might have to try that one.

Karl Anderson vs. Josh Alexander

Doc Gallows and Ethan Page are the seconds. Alexander takes him down by the leg to start before taking him into the corner. A clothesline puts Alexander on the floor though and we take a break. Back with Alexander being sent to the apron but he sweeps the leg to pull Anderson outside. They head inside again with Alexander slowly stomping and striking away, including some knees to the back.

The chinlock goes on, followed by a belly to back suplex to give Alexander two. We hit the seated abdominal stretch but Anderson is right back up with a neckbreaker. The slugout is on with Anderson getting the better of things, setting up a running backsplash. A spinebuster gets two on Alexander but he’s back with a running boot for his own two. The lifting Pedigree is countered and it’s a harder slugout. Anderson’s clothesline gets two more. Alexander blocks the Gun Stun but Page comes in for the DQ at 14:11.

Rating: C-. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve seen the Good Brothers in the main event slot and they’re about as fine as you can imagine. I know their big deal is the character stuff but egads man. How many times can we see something like this and still be expected to get overly excited? Anderson can wrestle a singles match well enough and it wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t overly invested at all.

Post match the big brawl is on with referees breaking it up to end the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This really didn’t work as I was struggling to find a reason to keep watching. The action was just ok at best and the stories aren’t great. Above all else, the Who Shot Bravo thing has turned into a Tommy Dreamer story and that’s one of the last things I was hoping to see. It isn’t a disaster, but this was a really dull show and hopefully that gets better next time around because this was a tough sit.


Havok/Nevaeh b. Tenille Dashwood/Madison Rayne – Tombstone to Rayne

Rohit Raju b. TJP – Running knee

Chris Sabin b. Acey Romero – Running enziguri

Eddie Edwards b. Chris Bey – Rollup

Reno Scum b. Fallah Bahh/Crazzy Steve – Top rope curb stomp to Bahh

Karl Anderson b. Josh Alexander via DQ when Ethan Page interfered



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