Smackdown – June 16, 2006

Date: June 16, 2006
Location: Sovereign Bank Arena, Trenton, New Jersey
Attendance: 5,100
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

We’re coming up on the Raw pay per view so that means there is one more meaningless Smackdown before they have something to build towards. Things are not exactly in a good place at the moment as the World Champion is finding new ways to look useless every week, but maybe the rest of the show can pick it up a bit. Let’s get to it.

Miz welcomes us to the show and runs down the bigger matches.

Here’s JBL to say that it’s morning again in America because he’s here to replace Tazz on commentary.

Rey Mysterio vs. Gregory Helms

Non-title and Cole has to talk JBL out of going after Rey during the pre-match posing. During his entrance, Helms says it won’t even take a superhero to beat Rey. Mysterio, sporting a taped up shoulder, smiles at Helms as JBL goes into a rant about Rey going to ECW and getting hurt as a result. They go to the mat to start but Rey is right back up with a headscissors to put Helms down.

That just earns him a shot to the bad shoulder but it’s another headscissors to put Helms outside. A staredown with JBL lets Helms get in a cheap shot though, sending JBL into another rant about how this is Helms’ chance at a million dollar payday. Back in and Helms pulls on the neck but the powers of the EDDIE chants bring Rey back up. A spinning Rock Bottom backbreaker gets two and we hit the front facelock on Rey.

That doesn’t last long as Rey is back with the sitout bulldog and the springboard seated senton gets two. There’s a basement dropkick for the same but the 619 misses and Helms grabs a Sky High. The Shining Wizard misses though and it’s a 619 into Dropping The Dime (with Helms standing so he has to duck his head to avoid getting kicked in the face) to give Rey the pin.

Rating: C. I’m not sure what to think about the fact that the World Heavyweight Champion beating the Cruiserweight Champion in a back and forth match is a relief. At least they had a completely acceptable match because they’re both talented people so it could have been a lot worse. JBL still hating Mysterio was nice to see as well, making this one of the less frustrating Mysterio matches in a long time.

We look at the Great Khali destroying some cruiserweights last week. Tonight, it’s the Mexicools vs. Khali for further massacring.

King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley

Non-title with JBL calling Booker’s entrance a religious experience. It’s also non-match as Finlay and William Regal jump Lashley during his entrance. Booker joins in and they take out Lashley’s knee but Matt Hardy and Gunner Scott (who are facing Regal and Finlay later) run in for the save. I think we have a main event.

Post break Lashley is getting his knee checked out but insists that he’s wrestling tonight. Keeping Lashley’s words short is the best move for him.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Nick Berk

Kennedy takes him into the corner to start and hammers Berk down without much effort. A clothesline to the back of the head gets two and we hit the neck crank. Kennedy slams him head first into the mat and the Green Bay Meat Packer (neckbreaker) finishes in a hurry.

Raw Rebound.

The Mexicools fire each other up before facing Great Khali.

Batista is back in 21 days.

Sylvan wants us to come visit Quebec. Sweet goodness I know he has the Pat Patterson connection but isn’t there anything else he can do that doesn’t involve putting him on TV in one bad gimmick after another?

Great Khali vs. Mexicools

Khali headbutts him down and shrugs off some forearms to the back. JBL doesn’t want to see this because he needs someone to mow his yard. Psicosis brings in a chair but throws it down and runs away, leaving Super Crazy to get chokeslammed for the pin. As usual, they are wise to keep this short.

Post match Daivari says everyone is afraid of Khali, including Undertaker. Khali says….I think something about Undertaker.

We recap last week’s bikini contest for obvious reasons.

Miz is in the crowd and has Ashley introduce the next match. JBL: “That’s a rat I would leave the bar early for.”

Matt Hardy/Gunner Scott vs. Finlay/William Regal

Finlay and Scott get things going with Finlay taking him to the mat for a kick between the shoulders. Regal comes in for a headlock as JBL is all over Cole for praising Scott against these two. It’s off to Hardy for a suplex on Finlay, who claims a shot to the eye so Regal can get in a cheap shot. The running clothesline into the bulldog out of the corner drops Finlay, with Hardy clotheslining Regal at the same time for a bonus.

Finlay is sent outside for a slingshot dive from Matt, who has to knock the shillelagh out of his hand. Cue the leprechaun (JBL: “IT’S THE LITTLE BASTARD!!! DOES HE COME IN POCKET SIZED???”) to grab the club and hit Matt low, allowing Regal to get in a knee to the face. Regal puts the club in the corner and it’s back inside for a chinlock on Hardy. Regal gets in some stomping on the apron knocking Hardy off the top.

We take a break and come back with Regal covering Hardy for some near falls and then grabbing a chinlock. JBL gives us a history of English fighting as Hardy elbows his way out of a full nelson. Finlay goes shoulder first into the post though and the hot tag brings in Scott to clean house. A German suplex drops Finlay and a missile dropkick gives Scott two. Everything breaks down and Hardy is backdropped out to the floor in a heap. The melee lets Finlay get in a shillelagh shot to finish Scott.

Rating: C. It was a pretty good match but it felt long, which is rarely a good thing. Regal and Finlay make for a hard hitting team and their facials alone are worth keeping them together. The match was a perfectly solid way to give us the long wrestling match on the show, but it did drag a bit and probably could have lost a minute or two.

Post match Finlay pulls out the leprechaun to attack everyone, including Regal. JBL is on his feet over how much he loves the guy, though he did think it was Tazz in green.

See No Evil. Again.

Booker T. and Sharmell are rather pleased with what they did but aren’t so happy when Teddy Long comes in to say the match is still on. That’s not fair because Booker already took his boots off! Teddy: “Well then I suggest the queen help the king get his boots back on!”

Batista is still back in 21 days.

Michael Cole brings out Chavo Guerrero for a chat (for someone who is retired, he still shows up to work a lot). Chavo talks about supporting his friend Rey Mysterio and is very happy with the results of a fan poll which says he should come back. Cue Mark Henry to say he would hurt Chavo if he was still wrestling, just like he did to Chris Benoit and Batista. Henry is going to hurt Batista again but thinks that Chavo is stepping up to him. That means a pair of World’s Strongest Slams and Chavo is left laying but Henry picks him up for the ram into the post. This has been the biggest story Chavo has had in years and…it’s still Chavo.

Michelle McCool and Ashley have a completely natural argument over who has a better body but Michelle won’t agree to a bikini showdown.

Vito vs. Scott Wright

Vito is still in his dress, as he was earlier today at the gym. The pounding is on in a hurry with Vito hammering at Wright’s chest both in the corner and on the floor. A clothesline connects and another cuts off Wright’s comeback as JBL gets to make more dress jokes. Vito grabs a keylock with the dress over Wright’s head for the tap. I think you get the idea here.

King Booker vs. Bobby Lashley

Non-title and Booker jumps him in the aisle again, including some shots to Lashley’s taped knee. A superkick drops Lashley again and Queen Sharmell is rather pleased. Lashley manages to send him into the corner a few times but Booker takes him down by the leg again. As JBL suggests that Booker is divine, Booker drops Lashley again and poses. The chinlock goes on for a bit and that’s enough to start the real comeback. Booker sends him right back to the floor though and the knee is banged up again.

We take a break and come back with Booker knocking Lashley down again to cut off another comeback. Back up and Lashley snaps off a belly to belly so Booker sends him right back to the floor, meaning Lashley grabs the knee again. Booker grabs another chinlock so Lashley fights up with a chinlock this time around. The powerslam is escaped and Booker kicks him in the face for two more. That means another chinlock but this time Lashley fights up again hits the powerslam for the fast pin.

Rating: D+. Now this one really didn’t work as it felt like they were stretching a match out way longer than it needed to be by doing the same stuff over and over. How many times can you throw Lashley to the floor, work on his knee and chinlock him? They did the right thing by not having Lashley lose here too as he already dropped the pay per view match to Booker. It’s nice to see a champion get a come from behind win like this and Lashley continues to rise.

Overall Rating: C-. You really can feel that they’re just killing time until Batista gets back and while that makes sense, it doesn’t make for the best shows. Mysterio winning was nice, but it’s not like there is any life in his title reign at this point. The show was watchable, but man alive they need to find something to pick up some energy because it’s pretty lifeless right now.


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