Smackdown – November 13, 2020

Date: November 13, 2020
Location: Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves

We’re less than two weeks away from Survivor Series and that means it’s time to get the rest of the men’s elimination team set up in a hurry. Other than that I would say it would be nice to hear something about the champion vs. champion matches but that ship seems to have sailed. Let’s get to it.

Here are Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman to get things going, with the commentators actually talking about Reigns vs. Randy Orton or Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series on the way to the ring. Reigns says Heyman calls this the Island Of Relevancy because Reigns makes everyone relevant. Jey Uso was the one who made you ask which twin he was but thanks to Reigns, he’s Main Event Jey Uso.

Over the last two weeks he has beaten Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens and then at Survivor Series it will be him leading Smackdown to victory. Then Reigns will beat the secondary champion on the same night. You can respect the man’s accomplishments but not respect the man himself….and here’s Drew McIntyre to interrupt.

McIntyre says he won’t waste Reigns’ time but he’s going to win the title on Monday and they’ll see each other at Survivor Series. He remembers eliminating Reigns to win the Royal Rumble this year and then beat Heyman’s (unnamed) client in five minutes at Wrestlemania. Reigns wouldn’t remember that though because he wasn’t at Wrestlemania. Someone had to step up in Reigns’ absence and that was McIntyre. At Survivor Series, McIntyre will prove that he’s the man.

Reigns says that’s all true but he’s back now, and that means no one knows who McIntyre is. He doesn’t watch Raw, just like everyone else, because they’re all watching Smackdown to see him. Reigns says tell us who McIntyre is, so McIntyre promises to win the title and then show Reigns what a champion really is.

They go nose to nose but here’s Jey Uso to ask what McIntyre is doing here. Jey talks about the people he’s beaten and challenges McIntyre for tonight. McIntyre shoves Uso down and stares at Reigns, seemingly meaning the match is on. If that’s not setting up Survivor Series, it better be setting up Wrestlemania because that sounds like a heck of a showdown.

Post break Reigns screams at Jey and says take care of this.

Intercontinental Title: Sami Zayn vs. Apollo Crews

Sami is defending and before the match, he goes on a rant about how he was only told about his title defense at 7pm. WWE is trying to sabotage him but he is going to turn this into a positive. Tonight he is going to show what it means to be the Intercontinental Champion and how much better it is than the United States Title.

Crews’ entrance cuts him off and Apollo slugs away to start, including tossing Sami outside. Back inside and Crews hits a jumping enziguri into a standing moonsault for two. Sami is sent outside again, where he tears the ring skirt off. Crews is sent into the apron and Sami ties his leg into the ring structure for the countout at 2:08. Well that was unique.

Adam Pearce talks to Drew McIntyre and offers him the match against Jey. Drew almost mocks Pearce for suggesting that he wasn’t interested.

The Mysterios are ready to end Seth Rollins for good tonight. Rollins calls himself the messiah but to Rey, he’s nothing but the devil.

Here’s Sasha Banks to talk about how she is the champion and still going after everything that she has been through. Cue Bayley for a distraction though, allowing Carmella to come in with a superkick and the X Factor.

Otis is eating three plates of food at once at catering when Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode come up to mock him over being so pathetic. They bring up Tucker and Mandy, which makes Otis turn the table over. See, Otis eats a lot of food and doesn’t have any friends so….that’s about all there is to him now.

Tribute To The Troops is coming back.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Otis

Robert Roode is here with Ziggler. Otis drives him into the corner to start and then sends Ziggler flying without much trouble. Roode offers a distraction so Ziggler hits the Zig Zag…for two. Well that was surprising. The superkick is blocked though and Otis hits a World’s Strongest Slam into the Caterpillar (more of a falling elbow than a jumping one this time). Roode’s distraction doesn’t break up the Vader Bomb and Ziggler is done at 1:51. Points for actually not mocking someone and then having them lose for a change.

Post break Chad Gable congratulates Otis on his win and offers to be his mentor. He even has a brochure on the Alpha Academy, which seems to interest Otis. This is already more interesting than anything involving a one note short joke.

Long video on Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio, which has dragged in several other people over the last six months. Tonight it’s No Holds Barred in the final chapter (I’m sure).

Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio

No Holds Barred with the rest of the Mysterio Family and Murphy at ringside. Rey slugs him into the corner to start but Rollins takes him down in a hurry. It’s time for a chair but Rey dropkicks the leg out to save himself. Rollins is sent into the turnbuckle and it’s a tornado DDT onto the apron. They head outside with Rollins sending him into the steps but Rey sunset bombs him into the barricade.

We go to a replay for the sake of Rey needing to adjust his mask and come back with Rollins countering the sliding splash into a suplex drop onto the announcers’ table (Rey’s mask is twisted to the side again with his nose sticking out on the landing). Back in and Rollins starts in on the back before sending him chest first into the corner. The chair is wedged into the corner but the comeback is on with Rey snapping off a headscissors for a breather. Rollins sends him sliding underneath the bottom rope for a crash to the floor though and the steps to the face put Rey down again.

The Stomp only hits the steps though and Rey knocks him onto them, setting up the sliding splash for a good landing. Back with Rollins loading up a table in the ring and hitting Two Amigos (on the fifteenth anniversary of Eddie’s passing) but the third through the table is broken up. Rollins slides the table into Rey’s ribs for a clever counter though and the stomping is on in the corner. Rey gets in a few shots but a powerbomb out of the corner and through the table gets two.

Rollins goes for Rey’s other eye but has to superkick Dominik for trying to interfere. Murphy stares at the rest of the Mysterios as Rey dropkicks the chair into Rollins’ face. That makes Murphy look back and forth before getting inside and handing the chair to Rollins. Then he knees Rollins in the face to complete the turn (for the third or so time), leaving Rollins to get into 619 position to yell at Murphy. Rey completely misses the first time and falls out to the floor, but the second attempt connects, setting up the frog splash for the pin at 18:30.

Rating: B. They kept billing this as the final chapter and if that’s what it was (forgive me for not buying it), they went out with a good one. Once you get rid of all the nonsense between these two, they’re very talented wrestlers who can have a good match in almost any form. That’s what they did here and it felt like a major match worthy of the big blowoff.

Post match the family hugs and Aalyah goes for Murphy. Rey stops her though and says Murphy has been looking for his approval. Rey shakes Murphy’s hand, Aalyah hugs Murphy, and Dominik finally shakes his hand as well. Murphy even hugs Angie.

Adam Pearce has put Natalya into another Survivor Series qualifying match but that’s not what she wants. She wants to just be put on the team because she’s the BOAT and storms off. Chelsea Green pops up next to Pearce for her debut.

Post match Rollins screams at Pearce about Murphy and demands a chance to destroy him.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tamina

Actually hang on as we’re making it a four way.

Survivor Series Qualifying Match: Natalya vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tamina vs. Chelsea Green

Everyone starts going after Tamina to start because she’s the monster who has to be dealt with every time. Green and Natalya take her outside for a whip into the barricade. A dropkick knocks Green off the apron so Liv and Natalya can fight back inside. Morgan hits a spinning DDT for two but Natalya takes her down for the chinlock.

That’s broken up and Morgan gets two off a clothesline as this has broken into a singles match for the time being. Natalya sweeps the legs but the Sharpshooter is broken up. A Codebreaker gives Morgan two but Tamina finally comes back in and gets caught with another Codebreaker to give Liv the pin at 3:50.

Rating: D+. I’m not sure what happened there as Green just disappeared about a minute into the match. Liv and Natalya seemed to be looking over their shoulder a few times waiting on someone to run in as well so I’m not sure what happened there. I really hope it isn’t an injury, because when you consider she broke her wrist in her NXT debut, we could be looking at another level of snake bit.

Drew McIntyre talks about how humiliating it would be for Jey Uso to lose in his own backyard.

Big E. hustles someone in a rope jumping competition but here are the Street Profits with some covered plates. They pull the plates back but Big E. is curious why everything is shaped like an L. See, that’s what the Profits are going to be serving New Day at survivor Series, if they even beat the Hurt Business on Raw. Big E. says the Street Profits are good but at best they’ll be New Day Lite or Diet New Day. A lot of one sided laughter ensues.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

Unsanctioned. McIntyre shoves him into the corner to start and shrugs off a shot to the face. Instead, Drew takes him into the corner and chops away, even ripping off Jey’s shirt to make it worse. There’s a stomp to Jey’s hand and an elbow to the face takes him down as well. Jey gets fired up and sends him over the top, only to have his dive cut off with a shot to the face. Back in and Jey kicks the ropes for a low blow, followed by a superkick out to the floor.

We take a break and come back with Drew charging into a Samoan drop for two. Jey stomps him down in the corner but the running Umaga attack is cut off by a shot to the face. Back to back belly to belly suplexes have Jey in trouble but the Future Shock is countered into a rollup for two. A sitout spinebuster gives Drew another near fall, only to have Jey come right back with a superkick. Jey gets caught on top but manages to break up the superplex to knock McIntyre into the Tree of Woe.

As usual, Drew pulls himself up and throws Jey down by the neck. The threat of a Claymore sends Jey bailing to the floor so the brawl can be on again. Cue Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman for a distraction though and Jey manages to post him. McIntyre is sent into the steps as well…but Reigns won’t let Jey follow him back inside. Reigns tells Jey to make him understand so Jey goes inside and hammers away. Drew doesn’t seem to mind and pops up with the Claymore for the pin at 12:33.

Rating: B-. At first I was annoyed at the idea of Uso losing, but at the end of the day he just lost to one of the biggest stars WWE has and easily the biggest face in the company. Jey has been playing with the house’s money for months now and it’s not like losing to a much bigger star is going to kill his push. Good match too and dang Reigns vs. McIntyre feels like a must see showdown.

Post match Drew gets in Reigns’ face again, with Reigns adjusting the title and telling Drew to get himself one of these.

Overall Rating: B. Now that was a well paced wrestling show. The stuff that didn’t matter was in and out in a hurry and the stuff that did matter got time and was allowed to develop. Also, well done on actually acknowledging the champion vs. champion matches, which have been left by the wayside. That being said, I’m worried about Green though as there was clearly something wrong with her just disappearing like that in a match that should have been a strong debut for her. That’s really not a good sign and hopefully whatever happened is nothing serious.

What stuck out to me though was how well they set up Reigns vs. McIntyre. It goes to show you what happens when you build people up well and then set up a match. Reigns has been unstoppable since his return but McIntyre has been turned into the top face in the company over months of being treated like a star. Then you put them together, even for a tease, and I want to see what happens. That’s a proper build, and in a way it’s even more frustrating because it shows that WWE still knows how to do this. Either way, I want to see the match and that’s a nice thing to be able to say again.


Sami Zayn b. Apollo Crews via countout.

Otis b. Dolph Ziggler – Vader Bomb

Rey Mysterio b. Seth Rollins – Frog splash

Liv Morgan b. Tamina, Chelsea Green and Natalya – Codebreaker to Tamina

Drew McIntyre b. Jey Uso – Claymore



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