Apter mags

Hey Scott,

Remembering the classic Apter magazines, a couple of nostalgia questions : 

  1. In your mark days, was there an article or column that legit affected you emotionally?
  2. In retrospect, what was the most hilarious attempt to kayfabe explain an angle?
  3. Did you have a particular column / feature that you particularly looked forward to each month?

1.  Not really, no.  Some were certainly more memorable than others, but I never took much of it super-seriously.
2.  Off the top of my head there was a whole deal they had going on with Dusty Rhodes wanting to form his own Four Horsemen and then nothing ever happened in real life so they crafted another whole story about how Dusty couldn't convince his friends or something, and that's why it didn't happen.  It was really weird.
3.  Obviously Eddie Ellner's column.