Vince’s hatred of tag teams

What's up Scott, let's start of by saying it was 72 degrees in San Diego today. Ouch

Anyways, I was pondering the earlier, if Bret Hart's and Shawn Micheals singles runs don't pan out, does Vince continue forward breaking up every popular tag team that comes through over the next 20 years? I mean, even the money making tag teams like the Hardy's or to a lesser extent teams like the Dudley's, Enzo and Cass or even Heavy Machinery have been split for no real good reason. Thoughts?

And on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, the Miz and John Freakin Morrison can't seem to be split if their lives depended on it! Makes no sense! 

Anyways, stay warm friend!

We are far past staying warm here, but at least my furnace was fixed in time for the snow dump.  

And yeah, Vince just hates tag teams and always has, so I absolutely think he continues breaking everything up forever, with or without singles success.